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When You Care So Much That You Don't Care - August 22, 2015

There are those of us out there who care so much that we learn what's important to care about, and where not to care for the sake of ourselves and those we love around us.  I went through a list in my head recently as I like writing, I like lists, and I find it helps keeps things in order and altogether for me.

I care about gossiping:

...especially about others and when it is hurting others, making them uncomfortable, and worse when the gossipers are lying.  When it comes to myself, I don't give a s*^t, because as far as I am concerned if you have a genuine problem with me and want it resolved, or, are up to the task of asking questions rather than speculating, you will come to me and hash it out.  If you cannot do that, then the problem is  yours, and not mine, and I do not care.  Also it tells me you are a coward and do not the have any guts or bravery to approach your issues with me. 

This next one kind of relates to gossips...

My life is my life, your life is your life: 

We are not living each other's lives, we each have our own lives, and as far as I am concerned it takes a lot of time and energy to make my machine called MY LIFE run the way it does. And guess what, it works really well, the system is just fine: I pay bills fully and on time, I work, I have a routine, and there is even time between crises to spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy those nerdy boring hobbies of mine called reading, writing, working out, playing video games, watch rentals, and adventure to new (or even old) places I love so much.  Not bad I'd say.  If that's a problem for others, well, it's not their life and I could say a lot about how others live their lives and how it is clearly not working for them because of the self-made issues it has created for them.  So I am not very good or listening or caring when people critique my life, just not.  It's hard enough to take care of our own lives rather than fussing over each other's, so... let's not let each other's lives be dwelled upon and gossiped about so heavily unless their is issues that wrongfully trickles and interferes into one another's lives, because then, yes, there is a problem... especially if poor decision making and looking for other's to resolve your life when you have made such foreseeable catastrophic decision making (can't get over how often that happens in the world) is interfering in someone else's well oiled and very balanced life... like my own. That's wrong, and it is not okay in my books.  And I tend to care less and less for yours as a result with such interference. I wonder if other people feel this way as I do?  Some examples are addictions of various kinds, poor planning and financial decision making, and using other people for own personal gain only to backfire (rightfully so) and then try other people to sympathize or fix their situation. 

I care more if there is a catastrophe or crisis that was taken out of someone's hands.. like a sudden firing or lay off, or natural disasters, or accidents, health issues, people in such pain that they don't know how to help themselves because they are so stressed or emotionally distraught.  I care more about those situations.

Frankly this was something I really just felt needed to get off my chest and it feels good to have done it... MOVING ON!


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