Tuesday, 30 September 2014

No Internet - September 30, 2014

There has been no internet here at my family’s home for two weeks. Alas, lucky for me, I do not usually have access to internet anyways unless it is somewhere else other than my own home so it was fine for me, but for others not so much. Now that it is up and running again around these parts I can start posting again.

I had many other essays and ideas when the internet was around a few weeks ago, however I kind of forgot about them when it disappeared for a time and did a bunch of work and enjoyed some fun.

It’s interesting, I thought having internet at my fingertips for the first time in so long that I would miss it, especially when I got so used to it when I came home for my lengthy sabbatical and then only to have it disappear for a fortnight. I guess not!?

Many neighbours and family members who had to go without the internet did not seem so happy. My main concern was for money being wasted on something not being available to the consumers (oh how my priorities must look in saying that), and perhaps some felt that way, but the ranting and raging on social media sites tells me it was much more than just money. It was being able to reach out to anyone at anytime so easily. Staying connected to their loved ones, friends, and the news were the big ones.

As some of you may know from previous blogs, I am however more of a face-to-face interactive person myself. That is my preference.
...However, this has made me an extremely poor writer for blogging.


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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I Believe (Round 2): September 16, 2014

Respect, care, listening, observing, using manners and being polite, trying to understand the life another walk I think makes a difference in how we can treat each other… how we can help one another.

I believe every life has a right to live, a right to follow their goals and dreams, make plans and find their place in this world…


…When our actions hurt other people by something we do or words we say that invade another’s life… like when we steal from them, lie about them, physically harm them, cause emotional and mental anguish… then that freedom I think has now become limited, and I believe there are consequences (as there should be). 

If someone has done an act that causes another pain, and regrets it and takes efforts to make amends, then that is a very good thing; apologizing and doing what it takes to help heal is what helps in this world, I think.  But...

If there is no regret, if there are only excuses or no show of remorse for the painful results of hurting another human being, then I think there is a problem, and there should be consequences.

I often think if we observed and really saw the consequences of the pain we can do to others, and listen to the voice of other’s to understand more, and being kind and gentle, the world would not be as I seem to see and hear so much of it these days…

People cheating on one another…

Stealing from another…

Physically harming each other, even going so far as to torture and kill…

Selling each other…

Lying to, and, about one another…

Spreading gossip and rumours, especially with the intention to do harm…

Plotting some form of harm to another, including social, mental, or emotional…

I have always felt that pointing out these wrongs, and being completely black and white about them is the right thing to do (telling one another when we do something that hurts others and what the results were, pointing them out)… and trying to make efforts to help each other whom have been harmed or in danger of someone hurting them too could help save a life, could help change someone’s life for the better…

We can’t leave each other to be alone to deal with our own problems.  We can’t just shut out other people either and deal with everything ourselves, that means sometimes swallowing our pride and asking for, or, accepting help can make a world of difference…

… It brings us closer together, and helps one another. At least, that’s what I believe. 


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Thursday, 11 September 2014

What I Am or Wish To Become, Both For Myself & Others: Part 2 - September 11, 2014

-Be respectful and learn from others, especially those who are older than I, faced greater hardships than I, or grew up in different ways than I did.

-Sacrifice when I need to in order to live the life I know is right or that I wish to have; which often means l am taking the harder path versus than easy path even if it is alone.

-Always know when to draw the line in the sand with people who are attempting to compromise who I am and my morals.

-Remain forthright all my days, and know when to distinguish the timing between being firm and realistic in my expressions versus gentle honesty.

-Keep vigilant in being observant and a strong listener, people’s tone of voices and body language say so much more than what we are actually conveying in verbal communication with one another.

-Be open to making friends and keep strong ties with them just as I do with my family.

-Never lose my curious nature and my desires to learn, my need to research and investigate always remain strong and constant in me.

-Never forget to tell others, my loved ones, how I feel about them and forever express how much they mean to me and my love for each and every one of them.

-Knowing when to be open and reach out to make connections, especially positive ones, yet, also foresee of the times needed to be cunning and observant of those who could do me harm or have negative personalities.

-Never stop believing in a higher power, give up my spiritual side, nor lose hope or faith, or my perseverance in prayer.

-Believing in that everything happens for a reason and that down the road I will see why all events occurred; the good and the bad.

-Share my energy and enthusiasm with the world in the good times, remembering to keep calm, strong, steady and ever-supportive when times are tough.

-Ensure that choosing humility and kindness is more present throughout my life rather than ego or desires.

-Always read into my body, mind, and soul’s needs and wants in order to maintain a healthy, balanced, positive life.

-Have hobbies and passions to keep me busy and sharpen my brain.

-Give of myself even when I have nothing else to give or help.

-Always love and care, never become cold, distant and bitter.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What I Learned NOT To Do: Part 1 of Who I Wanted To Be – September 10, 2014

We meet all kinds of people in our lives that teach us things, for me that has included how I don't want to be, how I don't want to treat people.  This is part one of what I have learned of how I want to be in life, and starting with the list of how I DID NOT WANT to be.  Sadly, much of this I learned from family, one female character in particular though I it breaks my heart to say whom it is so I won't:

-lie, exaggerate, or change the story of events.

-put people on the spot with falsities to impress the crowds I wish to please and make the one in the spotlight feel obligated to follow through with my lie in order to make it truth for my own benefit.
-never asking people for help or favours respectfully or politely, but rather demand in a rude manner, all the time... and worse, if I do anything for you (including giving you gifts) it is for my own benefit in some way, or, I will try and use it against you as a guilt trip, call in a favour, or make a demand... so everything I would do for others has condition behind it with me.

-be lapse in observations of others so badly that I question people to do something for me even when that individual is right in front of me doing that very action already.

-behave as if I were center stage, and that you are all my audience so that I never actually realize that everyone else already has a center stage that they also have to take care of and maintain.

-I support, love, and care for other people without any ultimatums or ulterior motives behind it.

-not listening to what others wants or needs are, nor practicing sympathetic or empathetic feelings for others enough to see from their point of you or understand where they are coming from.

-swear like a sailor to everyone when I am in a bad mood (literally assaulting your ears).

-gossip (especially cruelly or to hurt others to make myself look and feel better)

-lack of listening to others, and trying to have my say in more than the other person

-instead of saying what’s wrong with me or venting to others when I am stressed and upset, I take out on others and make them guess why I am mad, sad etc

-make my own messes in life (metaphorically and literally/physically) and expect everyone else to clean it up for me.

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Friday, 5 September 2014

The Roles We Play – September 5, 2014

I think it is interesting how many skill sets each of us have to utilize in a day, the many roles we decide to take on.  There is so many, isn’t there? I went through a week’s worth filled events that I had to deal with, it was plentiful that’s for sure! In one week I felt like I had fulfilled a role of being:






Errand lady




Health & Nutrition advisor

 And of course my favourites:






What are some of your roles you fulfill in a day?

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Escape To the River - September 5, 2014

Yesterday I was totally immersed in staring at my surroundings, something I absolutely love to do to break free of the confinements of my weeks that involve hectic schedules.  I had a couple of hours to escape the chaos of life which entails people around me 24-7, and be alone.

I hiked along a small cliff until I found the perfect lookout point to rest, gazing at the sparkling pale-blue river, vibrant green rolling hills, thick dark green trees… I suddenly had this huge impulse to bolt from the bench I sat on and take off on a long hike into the hills, through the forests, to shallow depths of the river to some of the small islands hideaway from everyone for a few days. 

If only I could! I probably would not mind getting lost either.  Alas, I stuck with getting lost in the flow of the river, a hypnotically peaceful rush running over me. I stayed in the zone for as long as possible… until I knew I had to return to the real world.
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

DVDs I Wish I Had In My Collection - September 3, 2014

There are so many cartoons I watched growing up.  My favourite animated shows were definitely in the eighties, nineties, and the beginning of the twenty-first century.  As I get older, reminiscing parts of my childhood includes cartoons I was immersed in, and then I think of how I wish to own them even if I am in my thirties and seem too old for cartoons. I love cartoons and always will!

Here are some of the shows I thought of, and I wish I could get my hands on but it is difficult to do, or, they are unavailable on DVDs:
Nighthood ~ a cartoon I watched when I was in my late teens to early twenties.

Iron Chef (Japan) ~ the original Iron Chef show.

Rainbow Brite ~ yes, I love the Rainbow Brite TV series.

The Bots Master ~ I enjoyed that series very much.

Gargoyles Season 2, volume 2 ~ this is my favourite series of all time.

Belle & Sebastian (Japanese TV series) ~ I haven’t seen this show in years, and would love to own it and watch it again.

Bush Baby, the Little Angel of the Grasslands ~ I can’t remember the last time I watched this, but I remember I liked it a lot.

Any DVDs some of you folks out there have a hard time finding but would love to have? 

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Speaking of Hobbies & Alone Time... - September 2, 2014

I miss video games, large amounts of books within my reach to read whenever I please, or being alone to draw (I need to be alone for when I draw).

I know keeping busy along with being surrounded by people all day long hasn't just been great for those around me, but myself as well both spiritually and mentally.  I am definitely not bored and doing good stuff around these northern parts these days.  However, I cannot help have moments of missing moments alone...

Pulling all nighters on my favourite video games, getting lost in virtual worlds for hours with junk food around me.

Cozying up in thick blankets with cups of tea while reading book after book of many different genres to keep my imagination and interests fresh and rejuvenated.

Drawing, painting, or making cards for many hours, even days. Even getting so involved in my creations that I forget to eat, drink or sleep until I am satisfied with what I have made.

Researching at the libraries and books stores on my weekend mornings on things I am curious about; satisfying my thirst for knowledge.

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Fun, Family Quotes & Stories – September 1, 2014

This adventure to the north with my family during what I am calling my sabbatical is not without great hilarity (or what I believe is hilarious commentaries by my family members), as my loved ones always crack me up. Here are some of the many funny things I have heard so far:

-Sister Sam and I recalled recently the first time she ever tried naan bread. Four years ago we were at the restaurant when I was introducing her and the rest of the family to the menu, it included naan. I was explaining how great naan bread was, as I did she had this incredulous and yet very confused expression on her face. She then leaned in and whispered very seriously, “Did you say, ‘man,' bread?” We all laughed so hard.

-Recently my sister (Sam again) and I were discussing our eating habits and referred to herself as being, “such a pig!” As my sisters and I are all big eaters I agreed that I am one as well, she jokingly and sarcastically expressed that I was like three times bigger than her and that I was a, "SUMO!" I tried to add to that comment but she stopped me by covering my mouth and whispered to me, "Suuuuumoooo!"

-I laugh at my Aunt’s mild road-rage (with good humour) she has when I have happened to be in the passenger seat with her, it totally reminds me of my Grandpa (God rest his soul). She will say things like, “Everyone get in, sit down, strap yourselves in, be quiet, and HOLD ON TIGHT!” Grandpa’s quote, was, “Everyone get in the boat! Now sit down, be quiet, and behave!”

-When my Uncle is driving and he gets behind other drivers at a red light just as it changes green and they aren’t moving fast enough for him he mumbles, “Dear Lord it is not getting greener you know! Go, go, go!”

-My cousin, whom I fondly refer to as, "Big Brother (Big Bro), gets in the front seat of the car with sister Sam who is driving. He looks at her and asks:
"Oh my gosh do I get a blindfold?"
Sam: "You know what cous? Be quiet!"
Later Sam says: "You better hold on tight Brother, this is gonna get crazy!"
Big Bro: "Why? Are you going to eject my seat?"

-My Dad and Sister we call Crash came up for a visit and found out that they were going to have to do some work with the relatives over the weekend while they were visiting; they clearly had forgotten that they said they would help. Dad with a bit of frustration at his own forgetfulness and laughter says, “I suddenly feel like a child and don’t want to do something! Going to throw a fit now!” Dad then proceeds to stomp the ground with his left foot just like a child who is getting upset. Imagine a slim, tall, fifty year old man with short salt and pepper hair doing this!

-The Big Bro and I growing up have said a lot of things to one another regarding concerns about family members; often it seems insensitive and cut throat, but it depends on the family member. We have a relative and his girlfriend who don’t seem to care much for each other anymore, even in times of crisis they are not exactly supportive of one another and spend most days complaining to others about their relationship or just getting mad at one another ALL THE TIME! Recently my cousin, Big Bro, says, “You know why they are together don’t you?” he throws his hands in the air and shakes his head, “They are just waiting for the other to die and collect the money that’s all it is.” The sad, and, hilarious thing is, he is probably right.

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