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How My Blogs Have Been Working! – August 27, 2014

Lack of internet makes it hard to keep up on blogs!  But continuing to post what I jot down on paper and then post it when I can is what I keep doing.  Everything up here is what I have been thinking and sorting through on those days, so I stamp the date in the title to keep it all sorted for myself, AND, give people who may view these blogs an idea of what was running through my head those days!

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Where I Want To Go? – August 26, 2014

If I could, I would have a job as a traveler, with my home city as the main base to go to.  I really want to see the world, learn about it, write about it, experience it so I can understand and appreciate it while it lasts… I have had a fear since my twenties that one day it will no longer exist at some point in my lifetime.  Whether this feeling is due to my religious beliefs that the world we know will be gone one day, or, environmental concerns (or both) I don’t know, but I have had this stuck in me for a long time.  While I have one life to live right now, I would like to see the planet and meet as many people who I share it with as much as I can, while I am alive.  I have been reading up and researching on the places I wish to see one day, and I like to look at the list now and then, dreaming of going to them one day:

Kyoto, Japan

Rome, Italy

London, England


Paris, France


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My Tips - August 25, 2014

Over the past three years I have been asked lots about my health and beauty habits and overall general lifestyle because many people are curious about one another’s habits these days and what we can do to help ourselves stay healthy and energetic.  Given that I am a vegan, I am particular about my simple but strict beauty habits as well as I have a personality that seems to either draw people to me or make them despise me instantly (I really am crazy) I get asked questions about my regiment frequently; especially after I turned thirty. 

I must point out that I love to share but I must remind people here as I do with others face-to-face is you also need to figure out what works best for you, and if you are having troubles seeing doctors and health nutritionists (even get a second opinion if you feel you need to) and talk to people in your personal life who seem to have it right for themselves.  Sharing and learning is important to figure out what is right.  I say again, I love to share, but what works for me is not going to work for everyone.
Many things I do now all stems from a chain reaction that began in 2008.  I started with being more environmentally conscientious so I began to regard what I bought, waste management at home, and recycling or reusing things. This lead to me finding out about what health and beauty products that have environmental and animal impacts, as well as how it can effect my health.  Then it lead to the way I eat.  The rest is stuff that has been there before all of it, that is credit to my upbringing.

Here is what I do:
-little or no makeup

-no hair products
-Canadian handmade non-perfumed beauty products

-lots of water

-special treat beverages are tea, and orange juice (not mixed together of course)
-rest and sleep (even during the day if I feel I need it so if my body is telling me to slam on the breaks and take rest I do) and when I have troubles sleeping at night I lie and meditate or focus on peaceful prayerful thoughts until I doze off.

-I love walking and hiking, but, when I feel like I need something more I do whatever my body is telling me it would like to try; so sometimes a run, swim, or a kickboxing type workout is usually thrown in here and there.
-when I work it is something that has to keep me active, keeps me busy, feels routine, but gives me the flexibility to change things up and also be creative, and give of myself.

-during vacation time I go somewhere, I get away.
-get plenty of sun and fresh air, even going out if there is not much sun that day.

-vent when I need to because keeping things that worry me or are stressful are not good for me to keep bottled up; sitting with others and talking helps me.
-prayer and faith in something bigger than me; God is my belief

-take moments a few times a week to be spontaneous and do something fun

-rarely drink alcohol

-I don’t intake a lot of sugar and have cut down on a lot of salt in the past ten years
-think healthy thoughts: count my blessings and what I am grateful for, observe and appreciate nature, take moments to think of things that make me happy or fill me with joy.

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Focusing on the Good, and Riding Out the Extreme Emotions – August 24, 2014

With everything that keeps hitting us, it can be hard to focus on the good, the miraculous, and any lucky breaks we get; especially small ones.  When life continues to throw you the bad stuff you begin to wonder what life is all for? What is it all worth?  Then you hear about suicides, people killing and torturing one another right in front of the world… that’s when I really begin to question life, and what good is there left?  It becomes sad, depressing, and scary and therefore it just hurts all over to try and think of anything, even if it is the good stuff.

It is times like this that makes me glad I am home with my family for the time being as we all come together and work to help one another during this period when our own little world is hurting, and the rest of the world seems to be in just as much pain, or worse.

This is when I have to really have to meditate, tune out the rest of the world and just pray with all my heart, my mind, my soul, hope, and faith I have in my entire being.  I give all these pains and feelings of despair to the Big Guy of the universe and ask for me to shift my focus: to any happy events that occurred amidst the turmoil, how I am blessed, the awesome family and friends around me. 

I discovered in my thirties how I am no longer surprised by the horrible things that come my way, and yet, I can still fear; anxious-fear that causes a huge jolt of adrenaline fueled panic in me.  These days, with all that has happened, as soon as I have any happy moment I know there will be another obstacle to come at me, it never fails and it comes really fast.  It seems as if life is getting good, then suddenly I am back where I was before the joyous moment.  I get confused, annoyed, saddened, and yet I recover a little more quickly through leaning on others and praying. Nonetheless, I get angry with myself for how extreme my emotions get on my insides…

One moment I am afraid of everything, and somehow terrified of nothing…

Even feeling as if I know everything and yet at the same time that angst of knowing nothing…

I know who I am, but when certain crisis’ hit I suddenly feel like I don’t recognize myself…

Wondering what I am doing sometimes including with all this writing (given my life and chain of events) and yet I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be and know it is right…

Sometimes when I feel my weakest I also feel incredible strength…

At times when I am very brave I am also extremely terrified…

Or when am I hopeful I can seem hopeless…

At moments of when I feel I am completely stupid it feels like I know everything too…

Despite many of the negative thoughts I have had of people and the world we live in, I feel and think more positively… I experience more love, care, spiritual strength.

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Waking Up Is Hard – August 20, 2014

I am often referred to as such a happy, energetic person all the time.  However, not many people have seen me in the mornings when I first wake up, and that is not a pretty sight; nor am I happy or energetic for the first while.  I am a very different person at wake up versus the person you see a few hours later.

When I first blink as I awaken, I close my eyes tight in hopes I don’t have to get up right away.  I always have this feeling of depression, annoyance, and sadness, as if I want my life to end and for the world to go away; I have even thought of poking out my eyeballs and hitting my head over with a mallet.  If others are near me and try to talk to me I try to stay silent or I sometimes have been very grumpy, because I just want to be left alone. 

I initially hope that I can return to sleep and have a happy and very unrealistic dream.  I don’t know why I think this when I first come out of my slumber nor do I comprehend why I feel such angst, I have accepted that I just do and remind myself that in a few hours I will feel much better.

In the meantime the point from wake up until I leave my front door to go somewhere feels hard and painful; not that it is literally painful, but it seems like it for some reason. To get myself up and ready, I have to tell myself that I have to get up, and go through the reasons why I need to get up; whether it is a work day or a weekend or during vacation, it doesn’t matter I still have to tell myself why.  Then I tell myself there is a set time now, and in that set time I have to get up.  I usually tell myself that in ten seconds I am going to get up.  I count, and then I get up.  I take my time, I go slow, and prepare myself. This is often why I get up so early in the day, because I need to take my time.  After about two hours I am smiling, and ready to enjoy my day. I have my little rituals of washing up, picking clothes, doing makeup and hair, preparing myself a nice cup of tea.  Whether I have breakfast right then or a bit later doesn’t matter, but in the meantime whether I am heading to work or going to do errands (or just going wherever my plans take me) there is always a walk involved; walking relaxes me, it helps me to wake up more, and get in a more positive frame of mind. That is, walking and music help because before I leave home there are usually the headphones on too.

I know for certain that I can’t have anyone around me for the first couple of hours because I don’t feel like I want to talk, and listening to headphones is helpful to use as sign to others that I am not ready for conversation.  Having upbeat music fill my ears and go up into my head for the first part of my morning seems to get me in a more positive state of mind and I am able to start feeling happier.  I even notice my smile starts to show up as well.

No matter how old I get, this feeling has never gone away.  I think I was first aware of it when I was about seven years old?!

Anyone else out there not a morning person either?

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Actors/Actresses & Music: A Favourites lists – August 18, 2014

A lot of people have a favourite actor or actress.  For me, I look for celebrities who are so good at acting (to me) they truly become the characters they are playing in and draw me into the story, I forget where I am for awhile and who the player is in real life. 

I rarely get asked this, and when I do I already know the answer pretty fast, and I always find it interesting to find out what other people’s answers are. I was asked recently who my favourite actors or actresses are.  I would have to say they are:

Angelina Jolie

Carice Von Houten

Judi Dench

Tom Hiddleston

Benedict Cumberbatch, and

Christopher Plummer.

Do any of you have a favourite actor or actress?

As for music... 

I have found myself listening to certain albums in my collection over and over lately.  As I pointed out in a previous post this happens with certain songs, but right now it is albums.  The ones I have had on repeat are:

One Republic: Native

AC/DC: Black Ice

Newsboys: Remix

Imagine Dragons: Night Visions

Two Steps from Hell Archangel


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If Only I Got Paid For It – August 16, 2014

I have said before that there a number of my little hobbies and exercises I am passionate about, I give so much of my time for them and I love it. And given the amount of time I have given to them in my life, I daydream that if I ever got paid for all of it I would be a very wealthy lady.  I think I would definitely be set for life.  I know it’s a ridiculous and funny thought, but it still pops into my head now and then.  I think I have dwelled on this idea more lately since I have been up north away from my dear home in the city and have commenced working here.

For every picture I have ever taken since I was eight years old when my parents bought me my first camera, or every word I have ever wrote or typed, every step I ever took on my hikes and walks, and all that food I have ever eaten I wonder what it would be like to get paid for it.  It’s funny to think how all that has added up in my life.  Many of those hobbies have stuck around for most of my life: like my photo collection, artwork, and things I have written in notebooks or typed on my computers.  Then there is the food that has come and gone, it never really stayed in my sight for too long before it suddenly disappeared. 

I look at my mass collection of photos, and I think of the history of those pictures.  When I got my first camera it came with those rectangular cases of flash bulbs you attach to it.  I was so in love with that camera.  Then when I discovered disposables in my late teens I moved onto those and away from my old camera and my parents camera (which I snitched frequently until that point) and stuck with those until the year 2006 when I invested in my first digital camera.  I have had a few of those since then.  Nowadays I tend to use my mobile phone the most for picture taking.  Come to think of it this hobby has been a great love going on for twenty-five years now.

As I established in a previous blog, one of my sins is definitely gluttony, and I even made a list of food I indulged in one night to share of how I think I am.  I love to eat, and if I could, I would just eat all the time. The worrisome thought to me is I probably wouldn’t even do anything else but eat if given the chance, especially if I could make a living off of it.  I once ate a large pizza all to myself, and my friend with me consumed their own pizza, and then we cut a large cake in half and each ate that half as our own slices; all that food was gone, there was no pizza and cake left that evening.  I daydreamed of how I could get paid for that if it was a way to earn an income.  It also makes me laugh when I think on it.

I don’t know the math on this one, but I wonder if I have taken more steps than created words with my hands?  I try not to dwell on it too long.  I love to walk.  I love hiking.  I walk every day, and I am usually on foot wherever I go because I can’t afford (and am too lazy and environmentally conscientious) to invest in a vehicle.  Plus, walking and hiking just feels right to me, I enjoy it so much; the fresh air, staring at my surroundings, appreciating the world around me.  There was one period of my life where a friend and I spent a whole year walking almost every day (there was just two days we missed) for three hours, and many times it was more than three hours; that was a lot of highway and old roads we liked to travel on.

Then at last, writing.  If I could make money off of everything I ever wrote in all my notebooks and journals: poems, stories, and the novel I am working on, and even what I share online.  However, as awesome as it would be if I did make money off my writing, particularly my journals where I have written the most, it would be very intimidating to have everyone read my deep personal thoughts and feelings, no matter how much money that could make me. Still, it is something I thought of.

This is what happens to someone who is living like a vagabond with just their backpack and tote bag; you have these funny, silly thoughts and ideas running through your head.

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Writing for Me Is Therapy – August 14, 2014

I am glad we have many people who have the strength, ability, skills, and the stability to sit one-on-one (or maybe it is with more than one person) with people and help them through some of the heaviest issues in their lives.  I greatly admire these folks and am grateful they are out there.  When I have thought ahead to some situations that could occur in my life that would lead me to going to these people for support it is a comfort, and I am grateful to those people who have chosen such a role as their livelihood; for I imagine it can be a hard one.  Until there is ever a point that I need them, I have my writing.  I write in my journals, on notepads, and these days I also like to blog about what’s swimming around up in my brain.

I always liked to keep diaries growing up, but it hasn’t been until the past three years that writing has become such a daily occurrence; like an itch I need to scratch, or just a need.  I have gone from not only writing my thoughts and feelings in various styles of notebooks on a daily basis, but also putting it out there online too.  Due to lack of internet around me these days I may not post each entry I write up in my books to my blog on that very day, but I put it up there as soon as I have access, immediately.  I just enjoy writing every single day now in any form I can. If I miss a day to sit down and write because other things in life are more urgent and require my attention I feel like a hole got punched in me, like a part of my day is missing and unfulfilled.

Some of the benefits for me to write versus telling someone else is the cost, the fact I can ramble on without a time limit, I also fear the thought of coming across anyone (both in personal and in professional realm) who may be quick to pass on pills as a solution (I have many people around my life who have been asked to use pills when they shouldn’t have been so of course I am cautious), also scheduling a day and time to meet a professional always works around their hours whereas writing tools and paper are usually readily around me, finally I prefer face-to-face venting with family and friends instead of strangers who will also give me hugs, kisses and hold my hand.

When I use a journal, it last weeks and costs me about ten times less for a session with someone whereas I can have more than one session daily on paper with a pen then read and reflect on my words and work on solutions. Sometimes a journal or notebook never costs me a thing, for a lot of people buy them for me.  I am extra lucky. The nice thing is, if it was never enough, I know there are those great professionals out there to help me who are trained, have sharpened their skills, knowledgeable, and resourceful.  I get interested in many topics and love to research and learn about things I want to know more about, but someone else could refer me to resources that I may not know about.

As for pills, I unfortunately know of more people who were given pills with some side effects that were harder on the body than actually helping with their mental, emotional or physical health, hence why I am leery of health professionals sometimes for fear of being recommended to it.  Though, I know when it has been prescribed and people who have been able to get on with life much better having them versus before when they were not, I still, worry.

I feel so comfortable with writing things on paper (even though I know I run the risk of someone reading them and seeing me in a different light because I write my deepest thoughts and emotions in there).  Writing gives me the freedom to feel as if I wouldn’t be judged, I can totally ramble as much as I want, and there is no set-time for me; so I can say what I want, what I feel, even over again (repetitiveness if I need it) eventually until I am better.  However, it would never hurt to have an outsider’s point of view, where it is very private and I know it is not likely that anyone else would know unless I wanted them to or if I ever felt uncomfortable turning to my loved ones; at this point in life I can’t imagine not being able to turn to those closest to me for strength and support.

We are a family that does keep in contact using cell phones, internet, social media sites and landlines, but we have all said we all prefer to be in each other’s presence rather than using all the above; we feel so much better when we are.  Plus, I can easily get comfort and care through a hug, a kiss, hand holding, things I know I can get from them quite readily if I need it, and they know they can get it from me as well.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Humans Warm My Heart Like This - August 12, 2014

I love it when I catch wonderful moments of human kindness out in public. And as I am a huge people watcher, there are many times that I have seen wonderful interactions between people that warm my heart and make me think of those events for the rest of the day:

When I see couples giving each other a gentle kiss, a long embrace, or are sweetly teasing each other creates laughter and even make each other blush.  Couples who have clearly been married a very long time and still behave like flirty teenagers with one another makes me smile from the inside out.

I love seeing children playing together, and comforting one another.

People who have not seen each other in a long time suddenly run into one another and they are so surprised that they are laughing and crying all at once and give each other a big long hug.

Folks who randomly strike a conversation somewhere and it turns out they find a connection between them.  The latest one was an older gentleman at a bus stop and a college student were discussing various topics when the one discovered the other had worked for the same organization as the other did.  Then they discovered they were friends with the same person through that job. 

Someone ahead of the lineup at fast food places pays for another's meal or drink.

A person drops their wallet or another valuable and someone returns it to them.

People who take the time to talk with the homeless, and even give them a hug or buy them a meal.

Letting each other go ahead of one another in a lineup

When we lean on one another's shoulders, hold hands, or hook arms.

It's these moments that renew my faith in humanity again. 

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The City Is My Playground - August 11, 2014

The thought of leaving this City again, and this time possibly for much longer saddens me.  Leaving my home and my favourite places to go to, people to see, and most of all my best friend is quite hard for me. 

The break is now over and it's time towkr and figure things out career-wise, and make sure my family is ok too. 

I cry as I write this, but I know it is the right thing to do in the end, as I know I need that time.

To keep things interesting I am also going to work on some hobbies and keep in touch with my City Loves so it helps with the distance from them.

I have always known how hard this path was going to be.  I left what I once thought was the best-job-ever but it ended up becoming a negative place it was very dispiriting in the end; something that was destroying me.  Now I have to re-evaluate, work up north, and I get to spend time with my family whom I love dearly; these are all definitely the right reasons.  I am still going to miss my playground...

My weekend visits to the libraries and bookstores...

Eating at my favourite cafes and restaurants...

Tea drinking at my favourite places that carry my favourite black teas...

Hike and run wherever I want, but especialy over one of my favourite hills and on my favourite bridge to head across to the other side of the river...

Window shop in the malls...

Going to markets...

Lord give me strength, courage, determination, and guidance, because for the first time I feel a little anxious and lost.  Kind of like someone cutting off one of my limbs which feels on equal footing to being imprisoned (if either of those ever happened to me).... actually no... being in prison would definitely be worse.  No freedom whatsoever is worse because it would lead to my undoing and I would definitely destroy the greatest gift given to me... gift of life.  Alright maybe I am not that bad off but I am still pretty sad!

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We Are Not Phone People - August 10, 2014

Most of my family members are not great with phones.  And when I mean my family that also means my extended family.  We are kind of odd when it comes to phones and mobiles and all those texts and voicemails that come with it.

Voicemails seem to throw all of us off.  We have all voiced (yes, voiced) that we do not care for voicemails.  We find that we either ramble for long periods until the phone cuts us off, or don't speak clearly enough, or rush through what we are saying so fast the other person doesn't know what the heck we just said, or we wait for the cue to leave a voicemail only to hang up anyway. 

Half of my family does not text even if they have a cell phone, or they do not like to text, and a few of them they don't even have a cell phone and wouldn't know how to text anyway. Also, most of them who do text have the worse spelling errors and sentence structures, however, I have become pretty good at decoding what they are trying to say and usually get it right.

Even phone calls are still not our best performance.  Some of my family members don't like the phone so they are awkward and the conversations usually end up short even though you haven't talk to one another in a long time.  Worse, the conversations are one-sided because someone is not contributing or one of us likes to dominate the chat (I am indeed someone who likes to dominate the conversation). 

I must say, an email is something we are all pretty good at.  We all write really well, say what we mean with emotion and share some great, detailed stories of what is going on in our lives. 

This topic came about as a result of my sisters and my cousins and I chatting about it.  We are definitely face-to-face conversationalists.  We like to be near one another when we are catching up. Proximity makes the updates on one another feels so much more, because we are together.

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Favourite Foods - August 9, 2014

I get a lot of questions about what I eat as I have been eating a vegan lifestyle for over four years now.  Lately some people ask what some of my favourites are:

-Vegan-friendly pizzas
-Rice pasta with fried extra-firm tofu and shoyu, topped with my favourite vegan cheese.  Then on the side, there are chopped steamed carrots, collard greens and kale.
-Lentil loaf with veggie gravy, garlic mashed potatoes with steamed beans and carrots
-Sesame bagel with vegan cream cheese
-Chocolate cheesecake (it's not a real cheesecake but certain stories and companies make them and to me taste even better than real cheesecakes).

This lists also pops up when I am going through of a phase of thinking of food non-stop!

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Beds I Have Slept In - August 7, 2014

As a vagabond with only my backpack and tote bag I have had the adventure to sleep in many different beds while I have been on my journey.  Here are some of them...

The hotel: I shared a room with my sister Sam, but luckily we each had our own beds.  She did not like that the hotel provides so many pillows and said that she only needed one.  I ended up sleeping in my bed with seven big plushy (very comfortable) pillows. Ah! It was heaven!

At Mom's: the couch.  It's quite comfortable! This is where I will be sleeping most of the time.  That and in her bed at the neighbours next door, who is the lady I will be working with while I am home visiting everyone for a time.

At Granny's: in my youngest aunt's (Big Sis') old room is where I slept.  It is almost identical to when she left it to go to college and didn't end up moving back as she had got married and had my cousin.  Actually, my older aunt's room is the same as well from when she moved on and got married.  In Big Sis' old room there's an old wooden headboard that is still there.  This headboard has a mirror, tiny yellow-gold painted rails, and books filling the shelves which used to be my aunt's but she never took them.  Sometimes Grandma makes room for a new book or two of her own, but most of those are Big Sis'. The old desk for when she studied and worked on her assignments in high school still sits by the bed.  And any old clothes and other belongings she left behind are tucked away neatly in the closet.  Other than there is another bed that was added to make it into a bunk bed, it is pretty much the same.

At Dad's: I got to sleep in Sam's old bed she left after she moved out recently to stay with Mom.  She also left clothes all over the floor and bed as well as several boxes filled with... well I am not sure what it looked like a whole bunch of different things so there appeared to be no arrangement or order, just chaos.  I tried not to judge as I went through this phase a child and teenager.  However, the disorganization of the room only threw me off of sleep my first night, the nights after I slept fine.

Then, for my sleep after that it was back home in my own bed in the City. Very good rest!

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Berries & Fishing - August 6, 2014

I have found the picking berries and fishing are something in common for me.  I may not have fished in years, but I still remember all my fishing trips nonetheless.

Both require me to work hard and be patient, especially with myself.  For berries I have to keep picking those tiny purple berries (I never pick green or red ones because they are not ready) from low branches to tall branches that I have to bend and their trunks and make them arc downward so I can reach them.  For fish I have be patient for the big fish to come along and to reel in them in correctly even if it is a big fight and hard on the arms and hands.

I usually put both things in a bucket after I collect or catch them.  Fish I made sure to knock them dead before I did that so they weren't cramped up in a bucket and suffering further than I already had made them.

 Fishing and berry picking are both relaxing and fun for me.  I could do these two activities all day and not get tired or bored.  I can relax and daydream. If I have company we can enjoy each other's presence in silence or share stories.

And in the end, I get to eat them both... well, I don't fish anymore I guess but still you get the idea.

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Favourite Anime - August 4, 2014

Like video games, I may not be nearly hardcore when it comes to watching anime as a number of my friends; pals who love any kind of anime and pretty much only watch anime TV shows or movies and nothing else.

However, I do love anime, and I have some of my favourites.  And if any of you are anime fans and have some favourites I would love to hear what they are:

Full Metal Panic (the entire series so far)
Sailor Moon (original series and films)
Gundam Wing (both the series and film)
Summer Wars
Most Miyazaki films (some are a little too sad for me to watch I get too emotional)
Hellsing (both the TV series & OVA)
Escaflowne (TV series and movie)


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I Joke That I Am Part Rabbit - August 1, 2014

I love vegetables, especially peas and carrots fresh from the garden.  Even now I could sit with a giant bag of either vegetable and just eat the whole thing in one sitting.  Actually, I could probably do that with most vegetables.

When I decided to go vegan in my eating habits my grandmother was upset and worried about me, especially because I am too small according to her eyes.  Something she felt when I was a child too.  However, my dear aunts blamed her for this change claiming if her garden hadn't been so large, amazing, and delicious with such a wide variety of vegetables for me to eat as a child this wouldn't have happened. But who is to say for sure if that is the reason, right?  It made us all laugh.

Then it reminded us of when I was little and a situation occurred in the rows of peas of Granny's garden.  When I was about four I ate so many of the peas I had made a substantial dent in the harvest, so when it came to collect my grandmother didn't have nearly as many peas as she usually did.  My Mom says I ate almost all of ours in our little garden at home too.

Come the following year my Granny said she wanted to talk to me and brought me out to the garden to see the usual area for peas, and then she showed some extra rows she had made... with stakes next to them with my name written all over them.  The ones with stakes were for me to snack on when I was hungry, the rest were for harvest.  My grandmother didn't quite clarify clearly to my childish brain that the ones for harvest were still for me to eat at mealtimes and for snacking in the house once they were pulled and shelled, so I unfortunately assumed the ones with my name on them were the only ones I would get for that year.  As I bowed my head with my ponytails drooping like a pair of rabbit ears and big tears formed she quickly hugged me and clarified that the ones with my name was for snacking, yes, but I still got a cut of the rest of the rows even if my name was not on them.

Now that I am older and bigger, she still thinks I am too small and allows me to eat and collect as many as I want for myself. No stakes are in place with my name on it.

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Write It & Post It - July 31, 2014

Write it! Then save it or set it up as a reminder somewhere on your phone or scheduler, or better yet, POST IT somewhere! I have found writing on my white board on the fridge, putting notes on my suite door, or even sticking memos to the bathroom mirror are helpful for posting somewhere! Yes everyone, I am talking about reminders to ourselves of things to do and people to meet.  I have done this for a long time to remember things, particularly when I am meeting up with friends or family.

I, however, am surrounded by family members who have a tendency to keep forgetting, more importantly when I am visiting them or I am leaving them.  Because, as they all keep telling me: they lose the messages on the social media site we all use, or accidentally deleted the texts, or didn't write it down... this endless negelect by all parties has been going on for years now and I find it ridiculous that I have to get mad at them when they ask me for the third, fourth (or more) time in order for them to actually remember.  Apparently anger works but I don't like getting angry and I should never have to get to that point.  Am I right?

I wrote this entry out of frustration and would like to point out the importance of this for all people and for everyone who they have befriended or are related to:

Write it down!

Post it where you can see it easily!

Set up reminders (after all we live in a very technological age it seems it would be easy to do) whether it is using your mobile, scheduler, computer or laptop!

Why do I feel it is important? Because it is respectful, considerate and I believe appropriate.  It also makes others realize how important you are to them, and you are making them a priority.  And that is a wonderful feeling to give anyone!

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Noisy Neighbours - July 29, 2014

Neighbours! More particularly, noisy neighbours! Most of us have all had to deal with them at one time or another, and there are many interesting and funny (maybe even horrifying) stories we could all share with regards to this topic.  I have some that I consider hilarious, worrisome, and just plain annoying.

My first neighbour was a lovely lady that I knew through mutual acquaintances.  It wasn't until much further down the road that I really got to know her, as a neighbour I didn't make any moves to. I was nineteen when I moved in and the first thing I noticed was that she liked to play one of my favourite Christmas albums all the time, but what was more unusual is she played one song on that album on repeat; every time she was home, all the time.  I don't know if she ever knew that I or my guests could hear her, but anyone who came to visit me turned it into a game and would count how many times she would play it while they were at my place.

In my second apartment which was my first one in the City there was some interesting folk, which I nicknamed as the elephant man, the money-man, text-aholic, water-wasters, and finally the landlord. 

Elephant man was a guy who stampeded up and down the stairs in the building as he was coming and going, as well as all over his apartment.  The way he moved never changed, he always appeared to sound as if he was in true stomping form wherever he went.  All that was missing was him trumpeting through his nose. 

The money-man was a guy who constantly liked to do work around the building for the landlord for money.  In fact whenever you talked to him all he could discuss was ways to work on the premises for cash.

Text-aholic was a friend of ours who lived in the building for awhile and she constantly texted at all hours because she never stops typing and never puts down the phone and unfortunately I was sometimes the target of her endless texts.  I envisioned how she was unable to function in the rest of her life with that cell in hand; turned out she didn't, and the fifteen-hundred texts she sent in a month to people (this is not including the ones she received) was a clear indicator of that.

Water-wasters were a family who lived in the apartment above who always had water running.  Whether it was in the tub, bathroom sink, or kitchen sink, all three could be heard being ran for most of the day, and sometimes it seemed like all day. It was so bad that the landlord saw the water bill and stomped around to all the suites to ask if anyone had any leaks until he discovered that they were running their taps all the time.  They eased up after... only a bit though.

Third apartment building was actually excellent! Rarely had any noise issues! Hurray!

Now, for the building I am living in presently: there is red underwear man, the screecher, dude who only wanted my number, college students, and the couple next door.

I had a very quiet neighbour living next to me until screech-man took his place.  He screeches when he talks (which is volume LOUD) or worse, screech-sings! My sister Cam says it sounds like a cow giving birth on Papa's farm.  Sometimes the screecher uses a normal voice but it is rare.  Furthermore I had to keep knocking on his door and reporting him for his loud music and TV; most of what he watched on his TV involved women horribly screaming as if they were being tortured.  Then he also beat up his poor boyfriend on a couple occasions.  Plus, any story he tells about any women he is acquainted with he talks about how he wants to hurt them in various ways (smack, hit, punch, and kick were the words I have heard).  He seems proud when he talks about hurting women like that, which tells me he is just a very violent creature altogether.

The guy across the hall has many loud parties, slams his door all the time, and is obsessively checking his door knob (I mean the door handle and not any parts of his body when I say knob by the way).  Also, he constantly leaves his empty liquor bottles in the room with the garbage chute.  At first I thought he did it to allow others to take advantage of making money, or, perhaps he was just lazy, turned out it was neither.  I overheard him one day tell his friend that it was so the homeless wouldn't be able to collect them from the recycle bin outside.  So I take them down to the homeless with my bottles behind his back.  The latest thing is I discovered he wears red underwear (hence his nickname) because he was out and about in the hallways in only that while pressed against his door staring through the peep hole growling. 

There is the guy upstairs who has troubles keep the noise level down as well who apparently was trying to get a date with me or something. When he found out he was noisy and it bothered me he left an apologetic note with his phone number.  Then he went out of his way to be noisy again and when I confronted him he asked why I didn't use the number to call or text, then we could have each other's numbers (while checking me out).  I still call security on him when he can't be quiet.

The people beside me right now are not too bad, but the girl who lived there before that was a different story.

There had lived a girl and she had a guy living there too in secret as his name was not on the lease but he didn't hesitate to live off her and park his vehicle in the parking stalls without paying for it.  They were either fighting, or having rough sex; only those two things seemed to keep occurring with these two. She whined he was always trying to get with other girls and would saying how hot they looked and how he wanted them to her and his friends.  She complained that she was angry for it and she was the only mature and committed one in the relationship.  His response was always the same thing and always in the same confused, tired (lacking any intellect) tone, and that was he loved her, he didn't know what she was talking about, and saying the word baby over and over while asking her to come to him.  Then the last time I heard them fight before they moved out was when she demanded he read her mind.  When he didn't know what to say she then re-worded it by demanding him to tell her what she was thinking right now at that moment.  After a long pause someone stormed out of the room, slamming the door.  As for the sex, it only would last ninety seconds on average.  All it sounded like was her moaning and groaning as loud as she could and he just did whatever he wanted for less than two minutes.  Yup! Their record was maybe two minutes and ten seconds.  But the sex ended in the weeks prior to departure when my Mom was visiting and I accidentally voice loudly by the wall that separated my suite from the sex that was about twenty seconds in at that moment of how she just makes as much noise as possible while he is just forcing her into it because there is no way she is having a good time with only a minute and a half of a show; I also added how she is too busy faking it while he is just too lazy to be a real lover for it to be real at all.  Suddenly when I said this there was silence on the other side of the wall and someone stormed out of the room and slammed the door (that happened a lot let me tell you).  From that moment on there was no more sex from them while they stayed in the building.

Any readers got any funny or shocking neighbour stories?

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