Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Not Exactly Putting Myself Out There - June 28, 2017

This is rather comical, I laugh at myself on this subject.

A walk I have taken has done NOTHING to stop the silly madness that plagues my mind, my emotions.  It really is a selfish, whine fest. It is regarding my emotions.

I really feel as if I could start looking for a partner, a man to share my life with. I know how I want to go about it, and it's by doing nothing really.  I kid you not, this is how I roll, sad isn't it? I do the, "Oh! It will happen someday!" But I don't do anything, because I don't want to force it. I remain hopeful, while living life normally and just thinking it will occur when the time is right.  Really my life is going extremely well, very normal and peaceful so I feel ready for love again, and ready myself by doing nothing at all.

Meanwhile I am changing careers, even going back to school in the fall, checked off some places I finally travelled to on my bucket list, seeing many loved ones along the way.  There has been a great deepening of my spirituality, and a great overall improvement to my health; my mind, body and soul are all feeling great.  Feeling grand, started stirring in me that would like to find someone; hopefully someone who is very similar to me.  

In doing nothing, ever, to find a man compatible with me, kind of makes me my own worst enemy.  Yearning for somebody, meanwhile not doing a dang thing to make it happen. I shall go roll my eyeballs at myself on this matter.


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