Saturday, 27 June 2015

An Odd Day - June 27, 2015

I think this day has not only been adventurous for me, almost like I was on vacation (I wasn't), but also so weird or odd that I have to share.

First someone wanted me to do a survey at the beginning of tour I did, not the end. Huh? That made no sense to me, but she was insistent that I should... Okie dokie... I still did not do it and declined the offer! How can one give a proper perspective of a tour for the survey when they haven't seen anything yet?
Sometime later, and in a different part of the city, two tiny female volunteers for the blood bank wanted my blood, like REALLY wanted it; particularly when they heard me say my blood type, their eyes lit up. And when I had to decline and explain why (faintish tendencies) I thought for a moment they are not going to back down, they are going to hold me down to the ground, shoving IV's in me on the street and start bloodletting me right there.

A lady at my favourite book store approaches me from the side and tries to grab my wrist, putting her face extremely close to my bracelet wanting a, "closer look,"... I had headphones in (clearly she could see that) and did this without asking. I literally (very politely though thank God) said, "Please, I can't hear you and you just got in my personal space like that, please ask properly before you do that." She tried to be offended but with other customers looking at her the way they did (not me) she knew she crossed a line and snottiness was not going to make her look any better.

Later a man "promoting peace," practically demanded in a very soft soothing voice I should try and take his book, "as a gift," (all on philosophies I abide by anyway) and when I wouldn't take it wondering where the punchline was (as his body language indicated there was one to come) he wanted a, "donation," for promoting peace and his book.
And, final tale of oddness... someone tried to butt in line. Very determined too, but I am way more stubborn. Do not cut in front of me and so rudely. I am not afraid of you, I have sisters buddy!

Alas, other than the weird approaches by other pedestrians, the views I took in today and the places I went to that I had not visited in some time was like I was seeing them for the first time all over again. It reminded me of why I fell in love with where I live, and how grateful I am that I am here; that I made it here. Best walking adventure I took myself on in a long time.  It renewed my soul somehow.  I felt like me, I felt normal for the first time in awhile I have felt no sadness, pain or woes.


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