Sunday, 21 June 2015

I'm Having An Issue With Underwear - June 21, 2015

I have a confession.. Underwear has been on my mind for a month now. And it has nothing to do with my underwear actually, but other peoples.

I keep seeing it all over the city, and I am wondering what is going on? Many sizes, types and colours come across my path almost every time I am out and about. Several times I have seen them on edges of trash bins. My thought is why do people put them there as if they think someone may want them? Who would after they've been sitting on the corners of a trash can? Maybe I am totally wrong but I would think just throw them into the trash completely, because I feel it is unlikely anyone would want them at that point, or, would even want second hand undies. These thoughts of underwear wouldn't plague me so if I stopped seeing them pop up everywhere.

I have greatly pondered that if this occurs again I am going to start taking pictures of the underwear I find and post them on my twitter and blog accounts, even put up missing posters saying, where I found them asking, "Do these sexy undies belong to you?" along with my contact information. All will start with, "sexy," so no one thinks I am judging if I don't for all posters.

What will I do if they call you may ask?  Well, if they actually contact me I am making them all answer my survey on the loss of their underwear: when, what time, why and how? MOSTLY HOW. There will also be a trick question of where just in case I have a wrongful claimer. 

As this may take a lot of time and work I am going to wrangle in some interested pals and they can be part of the panel for questioning; one each for asking the when, what time, why, how and the where.


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