Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Comfort of Snow - November 3, 2015

When it snows I want to sing Christmas-snowy tunes.  Yes, I am aware that could cause me to be murdered if I am singing or voicing my affection for snow too loudly.  Alas, I still appreciate the winter season, I really do.  Its the best season for feeling warm, comforted; it's like the darkness and snow is wrapping me in relaxation, coziness, and a sense of rest for awhile -despite others I know totally disagree and have refuted any of its goodness through arguments of how the temperatures drop or that there is ice, snow, and storms that can cause amok. To each their own!

My favourite season is Fall.  I love it: the smell of the leaves falling and fresh cool air, the bright colours of reds, oranges, yellows, purples, even the browns, the crunchy leaves.  If you look at my albums by seasons on my computer, you will find there are hundreds more photos in the Fall albums versus all other seasons; it is ridiculous, I even have photos each year of the exact same scene as if it's totally different from the year before (it's not really but I love those areas for how they look during those Autumn months).

As I grew older I realized the necessity of each season (even Summer whom is my least favourite); all four make up the cycle of things, and how it helps things along. I have come to enjoy them each, even Winter.  Winter brings for me that sense of taking things a lot slower.  And for a lonewolf you can hide from the world a little easier because no one else wants to go anywhere as they are all hiding indoors for most of winter. 

Winter is the most complained about, even from my family and friends.  There are not many of us amongst my loved ones who get excited when the first snowfall comes.  Like today! First snowfall! It was pretty with large, fluffy, dancing snowflakes.  It was this beautiful, quiet, big white storm.  

I am an outdoor person, I have to get outside every day otherwise I get a little nuts from cabin fever which seeps into me so fast it is not funny actually, I can feel the walls of wherever I am at closing in on me quite quickly if I stay in inside too long.  Even if the temperatures are at a permafrost feeling and there is ice outside, I still layer myself up, put on the big old boots and go out for as long as possible.  I may not face this time consuming layering ritual (or the removal process) in the other seasons, nor have to worry about making sure my face is covered to prevent frozen lungs and frostbite, but there is something nice and relaxing about it in the winter time.  I take my time doing it even, including each piece of outdoor layer I need that day. 

The fresh cold air, the dance of snow, the sparkly white ground, and the greater effort it can take for me to get active in it (high levels of snow to trek through), it's all wonderful to me.  Because, afterward, when I go inside after my exercise (as well as long pauses of admiration for grand snowy scenes I come across in my adventures), I get to warm up.  I love that feeling of coming inside and warming up after a cold, refreshing and (to me) exhilarating time in the snow. 

I make a cup of tea, change into something less sweaty and wrap up in warm blankets.  If it's dark, I choose candles instead of turning on my lights.  When the tea is ready I cozy up on the couch.  Sometimes there can be a book involved, doodling or penning away about I have circulating in my head, while I sip my hot tea, letting the wonderful smell and warm feeling trickle through my senses, flowing through the rest of my body down to my toes.  Another way I enjoy that feeling is by having a crock pot full of soup or vegetable stew and eating that. Mmm!

It's the best season for me to focus on my hobbies.  In warmer temperatures I am more likely to get away with going out and adventuring further from home and see friends and family in a higher frequency - good times don't get me wrong - then my hobbies can end up taking a back seat.  But come Winter, they are usually first in line to get my love and attention.  It's a wonderful feeling to get lost in something I love to work on for hours and getting it the way I want it, or, even fail and try again until I do get it right. 

Winter is not too shabby...

Getting that extra alone time, relaxing and resting more, wrapping up in warm clothes and blankets in the shelter of Winters dark, white, blanketed effect in the months to come.  I take comfort in all that. It's nice!


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