Friday, 30 October 2015

Hallow's Eve - October 30, 2015

One more sleep until Halloween! A celebration entailing rituals and remembrance of the dead; for some the belief that the dead return to us in some form as the invisible line between us and the ghosts and whatever else may be out there fades a little more; dressing up; and lots of candy!

For years my ex and I had everyone coming to our place that day of the year all dressed up and bringing their Halloween themed homemade treats to watch goofy horror movies and play board games.

Now, for the past hand full of years it has my Bestie and I picking and watching a favourite Halloween movie and doing something with just the two of us.  No dressing up or big parties for me anymore.  I focus on keeping it quiet and relaxed, luckily I have excellent company who enjoys the same as I do.

I do have one thing that has remained unchanged for years, my October Halloween movie marathon.  Here are my list of favourites along with a mention of the ones I am missing from my collection that should be there:

Halloween (original)
The Lost Boys
Let the Right One In
Garfield's Halloween Special
Practical Magic
Mary Reilly

Ones I still need to buy but I rent/borrow:
28 Days Later
Silver Bullet
Dracula (Gary Oldman as the Count)
Hocus Pocus

Anyone else have their favourites they watch every year?


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