Monday, 26 October 2015

I Am Sensing a Lack of Humanitarianism Here - October 26, 2015

There has been an overload on social media sites of memes my friends are spreading around with messages filled with heaps of anger since the election in this country.  Okay, not all of it is angry, there are people with joyful memes out there too, but every picture filled with very negative statements bothers me, outweighing any positive messages.  While everyone is battling each other with all these memes and status updates, all I see is people trying to top one another in sounding more vicious with the statements they are attempting to get across, especially toward anyone who doesn't agree with them; that's all I see in this.

In some cases, what some people are saying is downright cruel, I think.  I think it is wrong when we are attacking peoples family members in those messages, even if they are a political figure; or anyone who is in the media spotlight, I don't see any need for that and I think it says something about the character of those who do such things, and its not good what I am thinking about them.  Now I am hearing about western provinces wanting to separate, or, become a part of the United States, and how angry people are about those who wish to move to Canada.  Apparently a person wanting to come to our country is an awful notion to many in this country.  I hear more racist statements come out of that argument than people actually being worried about terrorists stepping foot into this country.  Also, I worry for the safety of those being forced out of our country because of racist motivations.  I thought our Canada was above that, I guess I am wrong.

Seeing and hearing all this, I have one thought, one fear that plagues me: I see no love, nor do I see much humanitarianism in any of this.  Adding to that, I sum up my  views on political candidates as I do with ANYONE in life, which is that if I see they demonstrate in their character a lack of care and support to those in our country who are in need of help, and seem fine with ostracizing another human being (or a particular group of people), or worse, their behaviours/actions leave me with a sense that they are a part of a fear and hatred campaign while they are in office then I am not comfortable with them.  People like that, no matter who they are, scare me.  From my point of view, that easily can lead humanity down a destructive path, which I don't have to look far back in history to see how bloody and ugly it can get; we end up destroying each other.  Two events that spring to mind involve a guillotine, and concentration/extermination camps... It breaks my heart and makes me afraid of how far we human beings will go when fear and hatred are at the helm of our lives...

I am not saying we are headed down such a dark path, but like I say, as history has shown us, it can happen so fast.  In my mind fear and hatred of one another needs to be stopped in its tracks and dissolved immediately.  I know that can be a tall order at times, but it is better than what could happen.  But that's my hope, for it to be stopped right away; especially when I worry things are getting out of control every time I see such hatred towards one another and people are willing to jump on the hate-band-wagon together, trying to spread it around.

So what do I do? I avoid participating in it, even try to get away from it too so I am not exposed to it.  I let people know how it can quickly get out of hand and destroy us.  Avoiding it may seem like a denial tactic but I have to otherwise it depresses me, causes me to feel ill, anxious.  But most of all, I look for where I don't see this rampage of anger and hate...

Instead I looked around, and I saw:

Two teens flirting in a library, a boy and a girl.  They were whispering in each other's ears while they were trying to get some studying done.

A child and a grandparent sharing a scooter together, with the grandchild driving the scooter around a mall.  They navigated their trip together, with huge smiles on their faces.

Two ladies leaning on each other's shoulders with their eyes closed on the bus.

A girl in a white dress looks up at her boyfriend in the middle of the sidewalk and says, "It's like I'm your bride or something, I mean look at me," she laughs.  He answers sweetly, staring at her lovingly, "It'd be the perfect day for it," and then gives her a kiss.

A boy is on the train with his Mom.  It's his first trip on the train and when he sees the view of the river as it crosses the bridge he squeals with delight.

I returned a set of keys to someone who left them in their own mailbox in the lobby of the building where I live.  To see their relief made me joyful

Seeing three women, all of different backgrounds and religions laughing so hard together they were crying while having coffee together.

This! All that! Is love and humanity at it's BEST! That's important to me.  More important than the other messages I have been seeing.

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