Friday, 5 September 2014

Escape To the River - September 5, 2014

Yesterday I was totally immersed in staring at my surroundings, something I absolutely love to do to break free of the confinements of my weeks that involve hectic schedules.  I had a couple of hours to escape the chaos of life which entails people around me 24-7, and be alone.

I hiked along a small cliff until I found the perfect lookout point to rest, gazing at the sparkling pale-blue river, vibrant green rolling hills, thick dark green trees… I suddenly had this huge impulse to bolt from the bench I sat on and take off on a long hike into the hills, through the forests, to shallow depths of the river to some of the small islands hideaway from everyone for a few days. 

If only I could! I probably would not mind getting lost either.  Alas, I stuck with getting lost in the flow of the river, a hypnotically peaceful rush running over me. I stayed in the zone for as long as possible… until I knew I had to return to the real world.
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