Tuesday, 30 September 2014

No Internet - September 30, 2014

There has been no internet here at my family’s home for two weeks. Alas, lucky for me, I do not usually have access to internet anyways unless it is somewhere else other than my own home so it was fine for me, but for others not so much. Now that it is up and running again around these parts I can start posting again.

I had many other essays and ideas when the internet was around a few weeks ago, however I kind of forgot about them when it disappeared for a time and did a bunch of work and enjoyed some fun.

It’s interesting, I thought having internet at my fingertips for the first time in so long that I would miss it, especially when I got so used to it when I came home for my lengthy sabbatical and then only to have it disappear for a fortnight. I guess not!?

Many neighbours and family members who had to go without the internet did not seem so happy. My main concern was for money being wasted on something not being available to the consumers (oh how my priorities must look in saying that), and perhaps some felt that way, but the ranting and raging on social media sites tells me it was much more than just money. It was being able to reach out to anyone at anytime so easily. Staying connected to their loved ones, friends, and the news were the big ones.

As some of you may know from previous blogs, I am however more of a face-to-face interactive person myself. That is my preference.
...However, this has made me an extremely poor writer for blogging.


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