Thursday, 11 September 2014

What I Am or Wish To Become, Both For Myself & Others: Part 2 - September 11, 2014

-Be respectful and learn from others, especially those who are older than I, faced greater hardships than I, or grew up in different ways than I did.

-Sacrifice when I need to in order to live the life I know is right or that I wish to have; which often means l am taking the harder path versus than easy path even if it is alone.

-Always know when to draw the line in the sand with people who are attempting to compromise who I am and my morals.

-Remain forthright all my days, and know when to distinguish the timing between being firm and realistic in my expressions versus gentle honesty.

-Keep vigilant in being observant and a strong listener, people’s tone of voices and body language say so much more than what we are actually conveying in verbal communication with one another.

-Be open to making friends and keep strong ties with them just as I do with my family.

-Never lose my curious nature and my desires to learn, my need to research and investigate always remain strong and constant in me.

-Never forget to tell others, my loved ones, how I feel about them and forever express how much they mean to me and my love for each and every one of them.

-Knowing when to be open and reach out to make connections, especially positive ones, yet, also foresee of the times needed to be cunning and observant of those who could do me harm or have negative personalities.

-Never stop believing in a higher power, give up my spiritual side, nor lose hope or faith, or my perseverance in prayer.

-Believing in that everything happens for a reason and that down the road I will see why all events occurred; the good and the bad.

-Share my energy and enthusiasm with the world in the good times, remembering to keep calm, strong, steady and ever-supportive when times are tough.

-Ensure that choosing humility and kindness is more present throughout my life rather than ego or desires.

-Always read into my body, mind, and soul’s needs and wants in order to maintain a healthy, balanced, positive life.

-Have hobbies and passions to keep me busy and sharpen my brain.

-Give of myself even when I have nothing else to give or help.

-Always love and care, never become cold, distant and bitter.

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