Monday, 1 September 2014

Fun, Family Quotes & Stories – September 1, 2014

This adventure to the north with my family during what I am calling my sabbatical is not without great hilarity (or what I believe is hilarious commentaries by my family members), as my loved ones always crack me up. Here are some of the many funny things I have heard so far:

-Sister Sam and I recalled recently the first time she ever tried naan bread. Four years ago we were at the restaurant when I was introducing her and the rest of the family to the menu, it included naan. I was explaining how great naan bread was, as I did she had this incredulous and yet very confused expression on her face. She then leaned in and whispered very seriously, “Did you say, ‘man,' bread?” We all laughed so hard.

-Recently my sister (Sam again) and I were discussing our eating habits and referred to herself as being, “such a pig!” As my sisters and I are all big eaters I agreed that I am one as well, she jokingly and sarcastically expressed that I was like three times bigger than her and that I was a, "SUMO!" I tried to add to that comment but she stopped me by covering my mouth and whispered to me, "Suuuuumoooo!"

-I laugh at my Aunt’s mild road-rage (with good humour) she has when I have happened to be in the passenger seat with her, it totally reminds me of my Grandpa (God rest his soul). She will say things like, “Everyone get in, sit down, strap yourselves in, be quiet, and HOLD ON TIGHT!” Grandpa’s quote, was, “Everyone get in the boat! Now sit down, be quiet, and behave!”

-When my Uncle is driving and he gets behind other drivers at a red light just as it changes green and they aren’t moving fast enough for him he mumbles, “Dear Lord it is not getting greener you know! Go, go, go!”

-My cousin, whom I fondly refer to as, "Big Brother (Big Bro), gets in the front seat of the car with sister Sam who is driving. He looks at her and asks:
"Oh my gosh do I get a blindfold?"
Sam: "You know what cous? Be quiet!"
Later Sam says: "You better hold on tight Brother, this is gonna get crazy!"
Big Bro: "Why? Are you going to eject my seat?"

-My Dad and Sister we call Crash came up for a visit and found out that they were going to have to do some work with the relatives over the weekend while they were visiting; they clearly had forgotten that they said they would help. Dad with a bit of frustration at his own forgetfulness and laughter says, “I suddenly feel like a child and don’t want to do something! Going to throw a fit now!” Dad then proceeds to stomp the ground with his left foot just like a child who is getting upset. Imagine a slim, tall, fifty year old man with short salt and pepper hair doing this!

-The Big Bro and I growing up have said a lot of things to one another regarding concerns about family members; often it seems insensitive and cut throat, but it depends on the family member. We have a relative and his girlfriend who don’t seem to care much for each other anymore, even in times of crisis they are not exactly supportive of one another and spend most days complaining to others about their relationship or just getting mad at one another ALL THE TIME! Recently my cousin, Big Bro, says, “You know why they are together don’t you?” he throws his hands in the air and shakes his head, “They are just waiting for the other to die and collect the money that’s all it is.” The sad, and, hilarious thing is, he is probably right.

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