Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Speaking of Hobbies & Alone Time... - September 2, 2014

I miss video games, large amounts of books within my reach to read whenever I please, or being alone to draw (I need to be alone for when I draw).

I know keeping busy along with being surrounded by people all day long hasn't just been great for those around me, but myself as well both spiritually and mentally.  I am definitely not bored and doing good stuff around these northern parts these days.  However, I cannot help have moments of missing moments alone...

Pulling all nighters on my favourite video games, getting lost in virtual worlds for hours with junk food around me.

Cozying up in thick blankets with cups of tea while reading book after book of many different genres to keep my imagination and interests fresh and rejuvenated.

Drawing, painting, or making cards for many hours, even days. Even getting so involved in my creations that I forget to eat, drink or sleep until I am satisfied with what I have made.

Researching at the libraries and books stores on my weekend mornings on things I am curious about; satisfying my thirst for knowledge.

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