Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What I Learned NOT To Do: Part 1 of Who I Wanted To Be – September 10, 2014

We meet all kinds of people in our lives that teach us things, for me that has included how I don't want to be, how I don't want to treat people.  This is part one of what I have learned of how I want to be in life, and starting with the list of how I DID NOT WANT to be.  Sadly, much of this I learned from family, one female character in particular though I it breaks my heart to say whom it is so I won't:

-lie, exaggerate, or change the story of events.

-put people on the spot with falsities to impress the crowds I wish to please and make the one in the spotlight feel obligated to follow through with my lie in order to make it truth for my own benefit.
-never asking people for help or favours respectfully or politely, but rather demand in a rude manner, all the time... and worse, if I do anything for you (including giving you gifts) it is for my own benefit in some way, or, I will try and use it against you as a guilt trip, call in a favour, or make a demand... so everything I would do for others has condition behind it with me.

-be lapse in observations of others so badly that I question people to do something for me even when that individual is right in front of me doing that very action already.

-behave as if I were center stage, and that you are all my audience so that I never actually realize that everyone else already has a center stage that they also have to take care of and maintain.

-I support, love, and care for other people without any ultimatums or ulterior motives behind it.

-not listening to what others wants or needs are, nor practicing sympathetic or empathetic feelings for others enough to see from their point of you or understand where they are coming from.

-swear like a sailor to everyone when I am in a bad mood (literally assaulting your ears).

-gossip (especially cruelly or to hurt others to make myself look and feel better)

-lack of listening to others, and trying to have my say in more than the other person

-instead of saying what’s wrong with me or venting to others when I am stressed and upset, I take out on others and make them guess why I am mad, sad etc

-make my own messes in life (metaphorically and literally/physically) and expect everyone else to clean it up for me.

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