Sunday, 5 July 2015

Annoying Pains - July 5, 2015

Ooof! You ever hurt yourself and it just doesn't hurt it is an annoying pain?

I have certain kinds that really bother me, and often accidentally self-inflicted, and they drive me crazy! Even if the pain for me does not last very long, they still drive me crazy because it is so bad and annoying it seems to go on forever; this long stretch of sharp agony. Agh!!!

The top ones for me are:

My headphone strings get caught on something and then the headphones are ripped right off my head, or, I am wearing the earplug kind and they rip right out of my ears.

Hitting my funny bone.

Dropping something on my foot, particularly my smaller toes.  Or stubbing my toes, and hurts even worse on the smaller toes.

Walking into something.

Hot drinks I have bought are filled to the rim and they start spilling or leaking out of the lids and they burn my hands, or other parts of my body and stain my clothes.  As much as I love that people are trying to get my money's worth it still stings.

Anything that bumps or hits my nose.

Sharp corners jabbing into my body but feels worse to me if it's around my thighs, and it always seems to be from desks, a night stand, or a table of some kind or even countertops.

Biting any part of the inside of my mouth or my lips.  I have huge teeth with ever so slightly serrated edges in some parts especially my front teeth and a small jaw so as soon as I bite the inside of my mouth of lips it takes awhile for the blood to stop flowing.  Then because I am swollen from it I often bite it more than once afterward. IT HURTS!!!

Any hang nails I get hurt pretty good.  Those annoy me too.

Any pains anyone else have out there that annoys them as well?


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