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Online Shopping Is Not Really My Thing - July 6, 2015

There are two types of shopping for me, the, "Must be done, or I die," and the, "relaxed."  Okay I wouldn't necessarily die but they are essentials I require like my groceries, clothing, health and beauty care, then usually getting my bills done while I am at it.  Generally I take one day a month and I do my, "shop or die," in one big haul; anything that I must have to live gets done on that appointed day.  After all, it takes a lot to take care of one person sometimes, even just myself I have found.  Necessary shopping feels better for me to get done in one whole day and then I do not have to worry about it for the rest of the month.  Meanwhile I have lists of all kinds to keep track of what I am running out of or I need to replace so I don't forget when the day comes.  A handful of years ago it became a great teaching tool for me of making things last as long as possible and not to be excessive with what I buy.  Having it pre-planned well by following my lists and then mapping the city to where I need to go is adventurous and adds a sense of fun for my least favourite type of shopping, which has helped greatly and I am actually enjoying it more than ever now.  I have many different places I go for particular things, and I will go very far for what works for me and to maintain my beastly-frugal habits; I seem to find the cheapest of what I need and will go far to get them, even halfway across this great city I live in.

I love to bus and walk when I shop, even haul things around.  Even one of my sisters called me a, "true bag lady," as I hauled around recycle bags full of my items and I had about three bags on one arm and two on the other.  Perhaps I am.  Just, please, no one out there be cruel and pull one of the bags off of me because I may fall over to one side!  And that was a relaxed day shopping my sister and I had.  However, I was helping her carry her things more than what I bought.

Ah! Relaxed day of shopping... Actually it usually involves more of me window shopping.  I do love window shopping.  Which is why I could never be an avid online shopper, I love seeing things in person where I can closely stare or even touch, and that includes when the signs say not to.

Ands most times I don't want CSR's to worry about me, and it can be hard to relax shop if anyone puts you on their radar to make sure you aren't stealing or worse several workers all ask if you need help; even when they have seen others ask and they have clearly heard you say you are just browsing.  If I require assistance at the shops I of course am going to ask especially when I am certain they have what I am looking for but it got moved or I just don't see it anywhere.  But other than that I prefer to take my time, drink it all in and examine, things, developing my own opinion or impressions.  I rarely (if ever) expose myself to commercials, magazines, flyers etc everything that mainstream tries to get us to buy by tantalizing our senses or pushing us that we need certain things, and they hold no sway over me because I like to figure out what I like and need on my own, as I am extremely stubborn that way.  I know who I am and what I want and like without being pushed, pressured or anything like that by other people, TV, magazines, billboards, or eve online.  Many people have tried to convince me that this is all the more reason to shop online, and no one hassles you and it's convenient and you can get deals.  Well, often I can find an even better deal, and most shops know me by now because I always go to the same stores over and over again and I am even acquainted with the owners, managers and staff so that solves my problem there.  Usually if I am ambushed it is because I am in a store that is not too familiar with me or I never stepped foot in it before.

I am a curious person.  An investigator, I love browsing, to search, seek, to find things out, even figure things out.  Shopping is the most fun for me that way.  Ninety percent of the time I am not even buying.

Don't get me wrong, I am not being negative about online shopping nor my friends and family and acquaintances of all sorts who love it, but it's not for me.  And for these people who do, I can see why it is the better option for them.. these are non-people people.  What I mean by that is these are folks who have developed a very negative views of the human race in the first place so shopping around is truly not for them.  These same people who end up having to go outdoors and shop are the get in and get out type people and seem to get shopping rage quicker than my Dad getting road rage.  I have noticed a pattern in my personal life of people around me with a negative view of others correlating with they are avid (even addicted) online shoppers.

Another thing with online browsing benefits is that it adds to the realization that the world has become a lot smaller and things out of reach are easier to look up and see in store, and if push come to shove I could order from the warehouses if I need to and that's only because usually I am getting gifts for other people and it's stuff they'd really like that I can't find anywhere else at that time.

Even if I do order online, I often get it sent to the store, because so far (well the record has been one hundred percent so far versus home delivery) they are quick to inform whether or not it's going to get here to me, as well as there will be no mix ups at the office where I live where the parcels get received, or if it became unavailable or delayed the store informs me, and if necessary refunds are super fast.

Most importantly to me, whether I have orders once in a blue moon, or I am shopping on foot, everywhere I get to interact with people, maybe even make some new friends and learn more about the world.


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