Saturday, 4 July 2015

I'm A Bad Writer, But, I Love It - July 4, 2015

Anyone who has read my blog postings here already knows I can't write well.  For heaven sakes I even got a red line up in the title section for not having two commas.

I am a bad writer! But I love it! I have always loved writing little short stories ever since I was six years old. Art has been even longer; since I could hold writing and drawing tools according to my parents.  When I turned nine I started keeping journals or diaries and then I love writing even more.  Even anything I had to write for school had always been a pleasure; whether I was really into the topics for class or not there was still that soothing almost Zen-like feeling I got when I wrote.  It's also a feeling of liberation to voice things I write or type, whether it's happy moments in life I want to remember, my worries or concerns, wish lists, dreams, nightmares, stories or poems.

It is still my outlet for my mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being.  Like I have often said, it is easier for me to buy notebooks and use it to vent that than pay people to hear my batch of tales-of-woe.  If I really need to vent to people in real life it is to those near and dear t me, my amazing family and support network.  If I didn't have that or my health both mentally and emotionally was not good I definitely would turn to the professionals for aid.  Needing to maintain my balance in life I would go where I could get help for it for sure.  However, my greatest aid right now, and has been for so long, is my writing.  It feels like an old friend I never want to let go of.

Like how some people feel about my accumulated hours for playing video games I fall in love with it has been similar to my writing, being viewed a useless or pointless (especially if I never get better at it), but what I put it into it is mine and I love it; all those thoughts, hopes, dreams, vents, opinions, creativity (if you can call it creative).  I love doing it, I hope things never change so much in my life that I can't do it anymore.


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