Sunday, 20 July 2014

Be Grateful and Considerate - July 20, 2014

There are some things that this world and my spirit have taught me that I have felt I should be mindful of.  Even take the time every day while I pray and meditate to dwell on them. Those are:

-Being grateful for what I have.
-Count my blessings.
-Think of my family, my friends, and other people I come across; taking a good look at them and pray for what they need, even if it’s just comfort and care.
-Give what I can to others, even if it's just of myself.

Not everyone has loved ones or support from others that many of us do.  Many in the world do not even have their basic needs covered: food, clothing, shelter, water, safety and security, or even a family.

Sadly, over thirty years later I am still learning about what to do, how I can help, and what poverty is all about.  I am still trying in ways to see what I can do to help while also (still learning this one) how to take care of myself.  I ask myself what I should be doing and what am I capable of in giving aid.

We all pass many people who live on the streets and turn a blind or are ignorant.  Often I think it is because we fear that those who live on the streets could hurt us, or, perhaps it is because we fear of their life being something that could happen to us. If we ignore them, they are less likely to have their attention drawn to us for too long and do something that could make us uncomfortable.  Then the other fear, fear of what we could become... the idea that if you ignore it, you won't be like that either.

I know we have gone so global that we can help others around the world who are also living in poverty and are suffering in areas of war; the violence, the fear and the pain.  I know we should be thinking about the world too and how we can help. However, how are we expected to properly help others on a world scale when we don't even know how to help those suffering in our own countries?

I am not saying that we should all hand out money all the time, or, have to stop and save someone by taking them in. But I see there are many ways to help and I should learn more about those.  

Even if I take moments to really look and see what is going on it opens my eyes a little more. If I ask, then I learn!

I have even offered hugs (yes I said a hug) because human contact, I believe, is essential. Seeking out programs and shelters that help people to have food in their bellies, roofs over their heads, get jobs, and get their lives on track is another thing I am going to take efforts to learn about. Everyone deserves that don't they?  Food! A place to call home! Feel safe! Work and succeed! Have people who can help! Be surrounded by love and care!  Everyone deserves chances to succeed and have a life where they aren't struggling to live day to day and hope they are not going to die that night. 

I pray on these things! I count my blessings every day and am grateful for all I have and my loved ones! If I didn't, I know for sure there would be no life.  I would just end it. I know for a fact, deep within, I would take this life I have, this gift that was given to me and curse it by ending it if I didn't have what I have.  I never take it for granted.  Hence, when I can, I give what I am able to, even if it is just of myself, to those who may need it, even just for a moment.

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