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Video Games - July 10, 2014

I thought when I would start the first blog with regards to my hobbies it would be about writing, given the blog that is happening here.  Instead I have chosen to speak about video games and my reasons why I have such an attachment to them.
I am the type of gamer who has had the pleasure of experiencing many different kinds of consoles over the years, and I have some favourites for each of them; which I will list at the end of this entry.
Yes, I am a gamer! Perhaps not as hardcore as some people I know, but I do love gaming.  I have been playing in arcades and on home consoles since I was three years old.  Something my Dad likes to brag about.  Apparently I impressed many teenagers at the arcades when I was a toddler.  My eye and hand coordination was that good, something I noticed more as I got older, because I broke many records on those big, awesome, noisy, joy-stick machines.  Even now if I enter into an arcade I feel a wave of nostalgia and go hunting for something that I may want to try.
I have many other things that I love to do. Probably a big part of why I, “dabble in everything,” (as my anthropology professor once said) is because of my parents.  Mom and Dad were excellent at ensuring that everything was in moderation, and there would be time limits and scheduled days of the week if they felt one hobby was being focused on too much.  Even now, when I feel I am paying too much attention to one of my passions, I remind myself of other things I enjoy.  For instance, I am an outdoors type of individual, and enjoy physical activities much more than anything; hiking and walking being the biggest ones, and I have to watch because sometimes that’s all I want to do.
Video games, for me, are like being a part of a really good T.V. show, or film. If the plot, music, and activities or missions in the game all compliment together really nicely to my eyes, ears, and brain, then I am totally hooked. Often times there have been games I absolutely adore that most of my friends and other hardcore gamers I meet will have never played. It feels like my own personal diamond in the rough I have discovered.
There is one aspect of my love for video games that is both a pro and a con about gaming for me.  If the creators have made a game where I am so immersed in it that reality fades away for many hours, then they have made me a very happy gaming gal. However, having achieved my full attention in this way is also a negative, because I am so immersed in that video game that reality fades away for many hours.
As someone who loves to get all artistic and make things with my own hands, I greatly admire and am in awe of people working in the video game business. The details in the art work and the graphics is equally as amazing to me as any piece of art at a gallery or by a local artist that has moved me in some way. When I play a game that fills me with envy and admiration in equal fervor, then that makes me love the artists’ talents even more; for I know I may never possibly make something that tantalizing to the eyes (a negative side effect for me) but  I get over pretty dang fast!
Plus when I really like the plot and characters it makes me think of the writers as, “geniuses,” and wonderful story tellers; and any of them with children have probably made their kids feel pretty lucky when they are getting story time at home. That just stems from my love for stories growing up, and the fun worlds that my cousins, friends and I made up.
As for the music… most of my playlists and CD’s have music from video game soundtracks; and many of them I have played over and over. The music for video games is just so amazing on my ears!
Now you have heard of my love for gaming, so here’s the list of my favourites. Perhaps some of you have them as your favourites too:
Atari: Kangaroo Jr, E.T., and Ice Caps
Coleco: Smurfs, Donkey Kong Jr., Pitfall,                Q-Bert, and B.C. Quest for Tires.
Nintendo: Super Mario 3.
Sega Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Mortal Kombat 2, and Ecco the Dolphin series.
Playstation: Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy VII, Tombraider: Revelation, Parasite Eve.
Playstation 2: Final Fantasy X series, Kya Dark Lineage, Dirge of Cerberus.
Playstation 3: Ico Series in HD, God of War series, Katamari Forever, Final Fantasy XII series.
XBOX/XBOX 360: Dragon Age series, Thief: Deadly Shadows
Wii: Mario Kart, Epic Mickey, The Last Story
What are some of your favourites?

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