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My Sins: First One Is Gluttony - July 13, 2014

Sin! Specifically, any sin relating to the Biblical seven, and, because there are seven, I of course fall into at least one of them.  I have two of them, gluttony and wrath.  I will start with the one that is easier to explain, due to wrath being more centered about my temper and the horrid thoughts floating around in my brain rather than actually acting upon anything that would be considered wrathful.

I am gluttonous with food, of course. Classic, and typical in my family bloodline, even for the smallest of us. I spend lots of money on it.  I think about it constantly. I often go past the limit that my body actually requires.

I could be said that because of my genetics and even given my metabolism that it is probably normal for me. Back again to moderation! Everything in moderation as my parents taught me and sadly, this is one of those things I sorely lack control over, and have made no moves to.

Some people in my life could probably defend that I am not a glutton because of my fasts; one person felt that if I could fast that I should be able to control my ravenous appetite better. People are often impressed that other than liquids which are: juice, water, and tea that I do not intake anything else for a week or in other instances, just three days.  However, being a glutton and fasting even for the right, just and godliest of reasons, it is hard!  I do get a few second winds just when I need them, but the tough parts in between are only bearable.  Trust me! I am on my knees a lot, chatting with the Big Guy of the Universe every chance I get in the day and reflecting on my reasons with all my might as to why I was compelled to starve myself for others and my own spiritual guidance.

I can also tell you that my bank account looks bigger, healthier, and I have more focus on hobbies, people and get more stuff done that needs my attention when I am not thinking or so hopped up about food.

I have also been told that because of my size that maybe I require much more food that I think I do.  Out of everyone, definitely my cousins and sisters have all voiced I am a, "small," person.  I would say I am average myself.  Furthermore, just because people can be small sized does not mean it is not healthy to go past one's minimum daily requirements; there are always health issues that could arise, especially as I get older.  I cannot see any damage on the outside, but that doesn't mean I could totally be fine on the inside; everyone knows that.

My best friend explained that because i am a vegan (four years so far), active, and always busy, that everything I eat is good for me anyway.  Even being vegan, there are still many junk foods that I am prone to that are considered vegan-friendly and I KNOW I shouldn't eat so much of.

I will list an evening I had recently, and I would like to point out that this is NOT including my breakfast, lunch and small snacks I had throughout the day at work before I got home and decided I must have a feast:
Giant bag of kettle cooked chips
Small bag of kettle cooked chips
Whole pack of guacamole
Plate full of rice with sesame seeds, shoyu, smothered in vegan cheese and kale
1lb of carrots
85 grams of fried up tofu

In case you were wondering, yes, it was ALL CONSUMED before I was even starting my rituals of getting ready for bed! There was nothing left.
Therefore, I do believe, a glutton, I am!

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