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It's Important To Tell Others How You Feel About Them - July 23, 2014

Wednesday, I had realized with each day passing to the end of my time at my job, and soon leaving the city for a time to be with my family, I wanted to make sure that the families I had worked with for so long and had such a strong, positive rapport with in my career knew I was never going to forget them; nor the major impact each of them had on me in my time with them. Saying goodbye was going to be hard enough, but not ending it the way I wanted to would've been harder. 

I created tiny gifts for each other them and wrote down my fondest memories of each of them and how I would remember them forever.  I wanted them to know the way they changed me and made my life so meaningful.

I also bought things that I knew meant something between myself and the staff I was closest to and the bosses.  

Even if I was leaving because of the negative haze that hung in the air that they can't seem to push out, I didn't want to leave things on a dark note. That's just not me, and I don't want to be like that... ever.  To live a life and in a world that is like that is so wrong to me, and I might as well kill myself if that's the type of atmosphere I could never escape from and be exposed to for the rest of my life.  That's why I was leaving, because I knew myself enough that to work in such an environment would eventually destroy me from the inside out.

I am glad I laboured and loved every minute I spent in my creations.  I wanted, no, needed to do that.  In the end it was not only something I needed, it turned out the people I was giving it to needed it just as much.  

Life is not long enough to fill it with grudges, resentments, regrets, and anger more than love, care, and kindness; and it is definitely not in my nature to dwell on darkness.  In doing so, I have made better relationships and connections a life filled with joy and with very little regret.

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