Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Favourite Memories of Nature - July 15, 2014

Over the years, there have been a number of things I have seen and heard in nature that have remained well established in my memory bank and arise to the surface no matter how old I get.  At certain times these events that once occurred very long ago pop up to the front of my mind when I least expect it, or, when I need to unwind because I feel a little stressed so I conjure them up. One that has been ever-faithful to remain an imprint on my brain is when I saw four rainbows. 

I was seven years old and fishing at the end of a dock during a rainfall.  I looked up at the sky, and four rainbows began to take shape; they soon made a perfect arch over the lake.  The most breathtaking aspect of it all is that the indigo and violet colours were very distinctive from each other that night; the violet almost glowed and the indigo was a very dark, rich-coloured line; making a beautiful contrast between the two, and even more against the navy, rainy sky.

Any of my memories of visiting waterfalls are also fantastic! I have videos of course but the memory is always so much sweeter.

Visiting the Columbia ice fields!

Hiking up mountains in Jasper National Park

Sunflowers’ turning their heads toward the sun, as it makes its route across the sky in the afternoon on my grandparents’ farm.

Drying in the hot sun after swimming in a lake or a river

Running as fast as I can and jumping into deep water at the end of a dock or pier while waves are moving strong and it is raining.

Whether lying on the grass in summer, or hiking through the snow in winter, watch the milky-way and all the other stars against a black sky while a full moon is out.

Camping in a canvas tent in summer with friends and just canoeing or swimming the whole time.

Chickadee birds singing me awake in the morning when I was growing up on a farm

Loons, calling across the lake in the evenings to where my grandpa’s campsite was; we stayed there a lot, my cousins and I.

The howls of wolves and coyotes

Sun’s rays dancing on the river in the city where I live right now, making it sparkle like diamonds

Walking through the deep forest as a child.

Napping or day dreaming on a large rock by a creek, as a teenager

Watering and tending to gardens and greenhouses

Eating wild Saskatoon berries at the end of summer days

There are many more memories, but these are the ones springing to my mind as of late.  Not due to stress or anxiety with all the changes happening in life, but because of how happy, excited and relaxed I have been these days.

Do any of you out there have some favourite memories to do with nature growing up?

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