Saturday, 26 July 2014

Superpowers? - July 21, 2014

On this day, I wished I had super powers...

As a child I had wished to grow up to be a super hero.  Like She-ra, or Superman! 

When I grew up and realized that would not happen, I was disappointed. 

However, in adult hood, my nicknames from loved ones, acquaintances and coworkers have been: Angel, and Superwoman.

One former coworker and I had tea the other day as we discussed life changes and where we saw our futures and she said to me, "Did anyone ever tell you you're like Superwoman? Because I watched you every day when we worked together and you are like that.. Superwoman!" 

I realized that some of those childish, innate desires of saving the world and making a difference had never really left me.  I would not realize until later in the week of just how much I impact those around me.. until that Friday...

But on this day, I had thought about super powers and what I would have, if I could.  I have wanted to be able to be:
-super strong
-super speedy
-bullet proof
-be capable of invisibility
-influence things of nature and animals.

I guess it would be handy in every day life to have those because of the things I could take care of in my own life.  Then I think about what I could do for others.  Lives that could be saved.  I guess I will never change.  I am still that kid who wanted to grow up to be Superman!

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