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The Characters Of My World - July 8, 2014

This could also be titled, "The loves of my life."
I decided that when I am going to discuss about anything with regards to my family and friends, I should share who they are through their nicknames, and with a few sentences about each of them. However, my parents will be referred to as Mom and Dad, naturally. Out of everyone in my life there are seven people who will be mentioned the most, so I shall share some things about each of them here.

Mom: I do not look anything like her, and we are very different people. The joke I always make is that we look nothing nor sound anything alike, but, I have her blood type; which could possibly be the only thing I inherited. In fact no one even knows we are mother and daughter unless we clarify that we are. She is the most amazing woman in the work she does; always helping other people, and empowering them. Mom has been doing her type of work since before she was 20, and is one of those people who I truly believe has made the world a better place wherever she goes. She is a real hero, though the rest of the world may never know it. Many have called her their greatest friend they ever had, and an angel in their lives; both to the people she serves and her coworkers.

Dad: I am truly his daughter. I always tell people that I am a female clone of him. I have not followed in his footsteps in my choices of careers, but we both love to create with our hands, and enjoy physical labor in both our jobs as well as hobbies. He shows a great respect and appreciation for nature, animals, and other cultures. My sisters and I are very fortunate. Most of our friends do not have a positive relationship with their dads, but we do; and often people are surprised and cannot believe the love and closeness we have with our Dad. He always told me growing up, "I cannot tell my girls how to live their lives, for that is for them to choose. So long as you are happy, healthy and not harming others, then that makes me happy." If he felt we were unkind or overly harsh towards others he was quick to call us up on it.

Cam: My first sister, and several years younger than I. Cam is fearless, has little or no sense of pain, and is one of the funniest and most quick-witted people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. Cam is exactly like our Mom. In fact if you line up pictures of them both, matching them to their ages, it is extremely hard to tell the difference. Cam even mistook a very old photo of Mom for a picture of herself. She is extremely protective of those near and dear to her, particularly toward our youngest sister.

Sam: Sam and I have an even bigger age gap between us than Cam and I. Sam is gorgeous, as everyone has always told us, and we are very aware of her beauty. Sam however is humbled by those statements, and does not understand why everyone calls her gorgeous. Which we all feel makes her even more beautiful. Super sweet, and very smart, she charms everyone who meets her. Sam and I share many of the same tastes and hobbies: books, video games, cartoons, (even anime), writing and drawing.

Big Brother: also known as my cousin, and has been the brother-figure in my life. He grew up an only child. A mere few years older than me, we were bonded to each other since the day I was born. We were quite inseparable growing up. He is larger than life, especially with that huge sense of humour of his. He also expresses phenomenal care and kindness for others; he's like this big sweet teddy bear. Big Brother is a gifted actor: giving awesome performances on stages, even doing various impersonations on top of the wide range of character voices he can do. Life would definitely have been awfully boring without him growing up. I hate the thought of him never being in my life.

Big Sis: my Aunt. She is the youngest of all my aunts, and is a mere six years older than I. Big Sis is whom I refer to my Aunt as, because she was like my big sister growing up. She is a teacher, mother, and I believe part reptile due to her love for the heat. Whenever she can find really hot places to go to, she will visit them just to lie in the sun all day long. Jamaica has been her place of choice for a getaway for a few years now. Big Sis is definitely one of my role models, and I have discovered that her life and mine has been quite similar as we get older; including our perceptions of the world and what we want for ourselves.

Bestie: my best friend! This is the one person outside of my family circle who I could not imagine never having been a part of my life; or worse, being a part of this world. I have anxiety attacks if I hold onto the thought of, "what if he wasn't in my life?" for too long. In the years we have known each other, and the closer we got, I know this for sure: he makes me want to be a better person, and we are so in sync it sometimes still surprises me, and I am a person who is not so easily surprised anymore; we enjoy many of the same things (places to go and things to do) we even share a lot of the same beliefs and thoughts about the world; we always make each other laugh; and we can sit in silence for long periods of time without saying a word to one another nor feel any need to... Instead we just enjoy the moment of being together. 

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