Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Beds I Have Slept In - August 7, 2014

As a vagabond with only my backpack and tote bag I have had the adventure to sleep in many different beds while I have been on my journey.  Here are some of them...

The hotel: I shared a room with my sister Sam, but luckily we each had our own beds.  She did not like that the hotel provides so many pillows and said that she only needed one.  I ended up sleeping in my bed with seven big plushy (very comfortable) pillows. Ah! It was heaven!

At Mom's: the couch.  It's quite comfortable! This is where I will be sleeping most of the time.  That and in her bed at the neighbours next door, who is the lady I will be working with while I am home visiting everyone for a time.

At Granny's: in my youngest aunt's (Big Sis') old room is where I slept.  It is almost identical to when she left it to go to college and didn't end up moving back as she had got married and had my cousin.  Actually, my older aunt's room is the same as well from when she moved on and got married.  In Big Sis' old room there's an old wooden headboard that is still there.  This headboard has a mirror, tiny yellow-gold painted rails, and books filling the shelves which used to be my aunt's but she never took them.  Sometimes Grandma makes room for a new book or two of her own, but most of those are Big Sis'. The old desk for when she studied and worked on her assignments in high school still sits by the bed.  And any old clothes and other belongings she left behind are tucked away neatly in the closet.  Other than there is another bed that was added to make it into a bunk bed, it is pretty much the same.

At Dad's: I got to sleep in Sam's old bed she left after she moved out recently to stay with Mom.  She also left clothes all over the floor and bed as well as several boxes filled with... well I am not sure what it looked like a whole bunch of different things so there appeared to be no arrangement or order, just chaos.  I tried not to judge as I went through this phase a child and teenager.  However, the disorganization of the room only threw me off of sleep my first night, the nights after I slept fine.

Then, for my sleep after that it was back home in my own bed in the City. Very good rest!

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