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I Joke That I Am Part Rabbit - August 1, 2014

I love vegetables, especially peas and carrots fresh from the garden.  Even now I could sit with a giant bag of either vegetable and just eat the whole thing in one sitting.  Actually, I could probably do that with most vegetables.

When I decided to go vegan in my eating habits my grandmother was upset and worried about me, especially because I am too small according to her eyes.  Something she felt when I was a child too.  However, my dear aunts blamed her for this change claiming if her garden hadn't been so large, amazing, and delicious with such a wide variety of vegetables for me to eat as a child this wouldn't have happened. But who is to say for sure if that is the reason, right?  It made us all laugh.

Then it reminded us of when I was little and a situation occurred in the rows of peas of Granny's garden.  When I was about four I ate so many of the peas I had made a substantial dent in the harvest, so when it came to collect my grandmother didn't have nearly as many peas as she usually did.  My Mom says I ate almost all of ours in our little garden at home too.

Come the following year my Granny said she wanted to talk to me and brought me out to the garden to see the usual area for peas, and then she showed some extra rows she had made... with stakes next to them with my name written all over them.  The ones with stakes were for me to snack on when I was hungry, the rest were for harvest.  My grandmother didn't quite clarify clearly to my childish brain that the ones for harvest were still for me to eat at mealtimes and for snacking in the house once they were pulled and shelled, so I unfortunately assumed the ones with my name on them were the only ones I would get for that year.  As I bowed my head with my ponytails drooping like a pair of rabbit ears and big tears formed she quickly hugged me and clarified that the ones with my name was for snacking, yes, but I still got a cut of the rest of the rows even if my name was not on them.

Now that I am older and bigger, she still thinks I am too small and allows me to eat and collect as many as I want for myself. No stakes are in place with my name on it.

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