Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Humans Warm My Heart Like This - August 12, 2014

I love it when I catch wonderful moments of human kindness out in public. And as I am a huge people watcher, there are many times that I have seen wonderful interactions between people that warm my heart and make me think of those events for the rest of the day:

When I see couples giving each other a gentle kiss, a long embrace, or are sweetly teasing each other creates laughter and even make each other blush.  Couples who have clearly been married a very long time and still behave like flirty teenagers with one another makes me smile from the inside out.

I love seeing children playing together, and comforting one another.

People who have not seen each other in a long time suddenly run into one another and they are so surprised that they are laughing and crying all at once and give each other a big long hug.

Folks who randomly strike a conversation somewhere and it turns out they find a connection between them.  The latest one was an older gentleman at a bus stop and a college student were discussing various topics when the one discovered the other had worked for the same organization as the other did.  Then they discovered they were friends with the same person through that job. 

Someone ahead of the lineup at fast food places pays for another's meal or drink.

A person drops their wallet or another valuable and someone returns it to them.

People who take the time to talk with the homeless, and even give them a hug or buy them a meal.

Letting each other go ahead of one another in a lineup

When we lean on one another's shoulders, hold hands, or hook arms.

It's these moments that renew my faith in humanity again. 

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