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My Tips - August 25, 2014

Over the past three years I have been asked lots about my health and beauty habits and overall general lifestyle because many people are curious about one another’s habits these days and what we can do to help ourselves stay healthy and energetic.  Given that I am a vegan, I am particular about my simple but strict beauty habits as well as I have a personality that seems to either draw people to me or make them despise me instantly (I really am crazy) I get asked questions about my regiment frequently; especially after I turned thirty. 

I must point out that I love to share but I must remind people here as I do with others face-to-face is you also need to figure out what works best for you, and if you are having troubles seeing doctors and health nutritionists (even get a second opinion if you feel you need to) and talk to people in your personal life who seem to have it right for themselves.  Sharing and learning is important to figure out what is right.  I say again, I love to share, but what works for me is not going to work for everyone.
Many things I do now all stems from a chain reaction that began in 2008.  I started with being more environmentally conscientious so I began to regard what I bought, waste management at home, and recycling or reusing things. This lead to me finding out about what health and beauty products that have environmental and animal impacts, as well as how it can effect my health.  Then it lead to the way I eat.  The rest is stuff that has been there before all of it, that is credit to my upbringing.

Here is what I do:
-little or no makeup

-no hair products
-Canadian handmade non-perfumed beauty products

-lots of water

-special treat beverages are tea, and orange juice (not mixed together of course)
-rest and sleep (even during the day if I feel I need it so if my body is telling me to slam on the breaks and take rest I do) and when I have troubles sleeping at night I lie and meditate or focus on peaceful prayerful thoughts until I doze off.

-I love walking and hiking, but, when I feel like I need something more I do whatever my body is telling me it would like to try; so sometimes a run, swim, or a kickboxing type workout is usually thrown in here and there.
-when I work it is something that has to keep me active, keeps me busy, feels routine, but gives me the flexibility to change things up and also be creative, and give of myself.

-during vacation time I go somewhere, I get away.
-get plenty of sun and fresh air, even going out if there is not much sun that day.

-vent when I need to because keeping things that worry me or are stressful are not good for me to keep bottled up; sitting with others and talking helps me.
-prayer and faith in something bigger than me; God is my belief

-take moments a few times a week to be spontaneous and do something fun

-rarely drink alcohol

-I don’t intake a lot of sugar and have cut down on a lot of salt in the past ten years
-think healthy thoughts: count my blessings and what I am grateful for, observe and appreciate nature, take moments to think of things that make me happy or fill me with joy.

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