Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Berries & Fishing - August 6, 2014

I have found the picking berries and fishing are something in common for me.  I may not have fished in years, but I still remember all my fishing trips nonetheless.

Both require me to work hard and be patient, especially with myself.  For berries I have to keep picking those tiny purple berries (I never pick green or red ones because they are not ready) from low branches to tall branches that I have to bend and their trunks and make them arc downward so I can reach them.  For fish I have be patient for the big fish to come along and to reel in them in correctly even if it is a big fight and hard on the arms and hands.

I usually put both things in a bucket after I collect or catch them.  Fish I made sure to knock them dead before I did that so they weren't cramped up in a bucket and suffering further than I already had made them.

 Fishing and berry picking are both relaxing and fun for me.  I could do these two activities all day and not get tired or bored.  I can relax and daydream. If I have company we can enjoy each other's presence in silence or share stories.

And in the end, I get to eat them both... well, I don't fish anymore I guess but still you get the idea.

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