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If Only I Got Paid For It – August 16, 2014

I have said before that there a number of my little hobbies and exercises I am passionate about, I give so much of my time for them and I love it. And given the amount of time I have given to them in my life, I daydream that if I ever got paid for all of it I would be a very wealthy lady.  I think I would definitely be set for life.  I know it’s a ridiculous and funny thought, but it still pops into my head now and then.  I think I have dwelled on this idea more lately since I have been up north away from my dear home in the city and have commenced working here.

For every picture I have ever taken since I was eight years old when my parents bought me my first camera, or every word I have ever wrote or typed, every step I ever took on my hikes and walks, and all that food I have ever eaten I wonder what it would be like to get paid for it.  It’s funny to think how all that has added up in my life.  Many of those hobbies have stuck around for most of my life: like my photo collection, artwork, and things I have written in notebooks or typed on my computers.  Then there is the food that has come and gone, it never really stayed in my sight for too long before it suddenly disappeared. 

I look at my mass collection of photos, and I think of the history of those pictures.  When I got my first camera it came with those rectangular cases of flash bulbs you attach to it.  I was so in love with that camera.  Then when I discovered disposables in my late teens I moved onto those and away from my old camera and my parents camera (which I snitched frequently until that point) and stuck with those until the year 2006 when I invested in my first digital camera.  I have had a few of those since then.  Nowadays I tend to use my mobile phone the most for picture taking.  Come to think of it this hobby has been a great love going on for twenty-five years now.

As I established in a previous blog, one of my sins is definitely gluttony, and I even made a list of food I indulged in one night to share of how I think I am.  I love to eat, and if I could, I would just eat all the time. The worrisome thought to me is I probably wouldn’t even do anything else but eat if given the chance, especially if I could make a living off of it.  I once ate a large pizza all to myself, and my friend with me consumed their own pizza, and then we cut a large cake in half and each ate that half as our own slices; all that food was gone, there was no pizza and cake left that evening.  I daydreamed of how I could get paid for that if it was a way to earn an income.  It also makes me laugh when I think on it.

I don’t know the math on this one, but I wonder if I have taken more steps than created words with my hands?  I try not to dwell on it too long.  I love to walk.  I love hiking.  I walk every day, and I am usually on foot wherever I go because I can’t afford (and am too lazy and environmentally conscientious) to invest in a vehicle.  Plus, walking and hiking just feels right to me, I enjoy it so much; the fresh air, staring at my surroundings, appreciating the world around me.  There was one period of my life where a friend and I spent a whole year walking almost every day (there was just two days we missed) for three hours, and many times it was more than three hours; that was a lot of highway and old roads we liked to travel on.

Then at last, writing.  If I could make money off of everything I ever wrote in all my notebooks and journals: poems, stories, and the novel I am working on, and even what I share online.  However, as awesome as it would be if I did make money off my writing, particularly my journals where I have written the most, it would be very intimidating to have everyone read my deep personal thoughts and feelings, no matter how much money that could make me. Still, it is something I thought of.

This is what happens to someone who is living like a vagabond with just their backpack and tote bag; you have these funny, silly thoughts and ideas running through your head.

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