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We Are Not Phone People - August 10, 2014

Most of my family members are not great with phones.  And when I mean my family that also means my extended family.  We are kind of odd when it comes to phones and mobiles and all those texts and voicemails that come with it.

Voicemails seem to throw all of us off.  We have all voiced (yes, voiced) that we do not care for voicemails.  We find that we either ramble for long periods until the phone cuts us off, or don't speak clearly enough, or rush through what we are saying so fast the other person doesn't know what the heck we just said, or we wait for the cue to leave a voicemail only to hang up anyway. 

Half of my family does not text even if they have a cell phone, or they do not like to text, and a few of them they don't even have a cell phone and wouldn't know how to text anyway. Also, most of them who do text have the worse spelling errors and sentence structures, however, I have become pretty good at decoding what they are trying to say and usually get it right.

Even phone calls are still not our best performance.  Some of my family members don't like the phone so they are awkward and the conversations usually end up short even though you haven't talk to one another in a long time.  Worse, the conversations are one-sided because someone is not contributing or one of us likes to dominate the chat (I am indeed someone who likes to dominate the conversation). 

I must say, an email is something we are all pretty good at.  We all write really well, say what we mean with emotion and share some great, detailed stories of what is going on in our lives. 

This topic came about as a result of my sisters and my cousins and I chatting about it.  We are definitely face-to-face conversationalists.  We like to be near one another when we are catching up. Proximity makes the updates on one another feels so much more, because we are together.

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