Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Write It & Post It - July 31, 2014

Write it! Then save it or set it up as a reminder somewhere on your phone or scheduler, or better yet, POST IT somewhere! I have found writing on my white board on the fridge, putting notes on my suite door, or even sticking memos to the bathroom mirror are helpful for posting somewhere! Yes everyone, I am talking about reminders to ourselves of things to do and people to meet.  I have done this for a long time to remember things, particularly when I am meeting up with friends or family.

I, however, am surrounded by family members who have a tendency to keep forgetting, more importantly when I am visiting them or I am leaving them.  Because, as they all keep telling me: they lose the messages on the social media site we all use, or accidentally deleted the texts, or didn't write it down... this endless negelect by all parties has been going on for years now and I find it ridiculous that I have to get mad at them when they ask me for the third, fourth (or more) time in order for them to actually remember.  Apparently anger works but I don't like getting angry and I should never have to get to that point.  Am I right?

I wrote this entry out of frustration and would like to point out the importance of this for all people and for everyone who they have befriended or are related to:

Write it down!

Post it where you can see it easily!

Set up reminders (after all we live in a very technological age it seems it would be easy to do) whether it is using your mobile, scheduler, computer or laptop!

Why do I feel it is important? Because it is respectful, considerate and I believe appropriate.  It also makes others realize how important you are to them, and you are making them a priority.  And that is a wonderful feeling to give anyone!

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